Andre Burakovsky on Upcoming Day With The Stanley Cup: ”Can Get Sticky and Dirty” [Translated Interview]

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André Burakovsky will be creating history as the first Malmö-born Swede to ever get a visit from the holy grail of hockey. However, he´s not concerned that the Stanley Cup will be in bad condition after Alexander Ovechkin´s crazy time with it. – “The cup has probably seen it all”, says the 23-year-old, while laughing. 

The following is a translated Interview by Linus Norburg, published by Aftonbladet. (Here)

Everyone has followed the Stanley Cup´s adventures after the Washington Capitals won the final, or to be more precise, Alexander Ovechkin´s adventures with the cup. The Russian star was seen, fairly tipsy, in videos all across social media drinking champagne from the cup, sleeping with it, before he even swam around in a fountain in the centre of Washington after a baseball game.

“The Stanley Cup victory meant so much for him. He has been playing with the “Caps” for 12 seasons and there have been “talks” about that we would never be able to win”, says André Burakovsky.

“However, it was actually the whole team. We were fairly tipsy after the baseball game, everyone went for it and through ourselves in the fountain. Approximately 200 people came later to watch us do it.” Ovechkin was seen eating Russian caviar from the Cup when it visited him in Moscow earlier this summer.

“Can get sticky and dirty”

It’s Burakovsky´s time with the holy grail of hockey on the 9th of August. However, he´s not worried that the Cup with be in bad condition after Ovechkin.

“The Cup has probably seen it all. There´s probably nothing that shocks the guy that are traveling around with it. You can basically do whatever you want with it and it can probably get both sticky and dirty.”

Can it get that way during your day with it as well?

“There will probably be a lot of things. I have a lot of friends that have been looking forward to this night.”

It will be the first time that the Stanley Cup is in Malmö. when the Cup is handed over to Burakovsky on the 9th of August.

The Malmö-born Kim Johansson was a part of the team that won the Cup for Chicago in 2010. However, he only played eight games that season because of a concussion and therefore, never got his name engraved in the Cup.

Last time, and so far, the only time, the Cup visited Skåne County was in 2008 when Andreas Lilja (Detroit Red Wings) brought it to Helsingborg.

Visiting the Family Club

Burakovsky will showcase the Stanley Cup at Limhamns Ice Hall between 10.00 and 13.00, a place that means a lot to him.

“It feels good to give something back to Limhamn. That’s where I started my career and it feels quite right. I hope as many as possible choose to get there.”

Then the 23-year-old will have a little self-time with the famous cup.

“I’ll go around a bit with it, take pictures and so. The cup is powerful and big, it will be hard to carry it all day”, Burakovsky laughs.

Two days later, August 11th, the Stanley Cup will be in Gävle.

Christian Djoos will spend a day with the trophy before being transferred to Nicklas Bäckström the following day, taking it to Valbo’s hometowns, just outside Gävle.

Translated from the article “Burakovsky inför besöket: “Kan bli kladdigt och smutsigt” written by Linus Norberg.

Translated by Sofie Bengtsson

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