Sweden is Looking Great for Capitals Fans: August 9th-17th

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Capitals fans looking for a little summer adventure (and a bit of travel) need to look no further than the beautiful country of Sweden, this summer from August 9th through the 17th. 

August 9th Andre Burakovsky has the Stanley Cup in Malmö, Sweden. He intends to take the cup to the ice hockey team where it all started, Limhamn Hockey. (More here.) However, these are only rumors, as of today, no confirmation from the team has been made on their official webpage.

Limhamn Hockey has a tournament every year that they have named Andre Burakovsky Cup. The tournament is in Limhamn, Malmö and are available for young kids around the month of March.

August 9th 780km (485 miles) north of Malmö is Gävle and the SHL (Swedish Hockey Leauge) team Brynäs, where Nicklas Backstrom and Christian Djoos are supposed to participate in a two periods game between Team Black and Team White. Its a local tradition that has been with the organization since the 70s, during the summer break before the start of the new SHL season. Its a friendly game between newly traded players, juniors, seniors from the Brynäs organization, as well as NHL stars with some sort of connection to the organization.

August 11th (Christian Djoos) – Christian will have his day with the Cup, but details are unknown at this point.

August 12th This is the official day that Nicklas Backstrom will have the Stanley Cup. Backstrom will bring the cup to his youth team, Valbo HC, to NickBack Arena that is named after him, because hes the official sponsor. (more here.) Therell be interviews as well as possibilities for people to take pictures. Its mainly for the organization and their own teams.

August 17th Icebreakers vs. Valbo HC, is another friendly game that Nicklas Backstrom will participate in this summer. Its a game between Backstroms youth team and icebreakers,which includes some former and active NHL players. The Valbo HC website has confirmed Backstrom, Peter Forsberg and Sedin to participate in the game so far.

Icebreakers is an organization that was founded by Peter Forsberg and Markus Näslund in 2002. Forsberg and Näslund saw that it was more common with different charities in the UScompared to Sweden. They thought that it was needed, and they therefore started this organization to help their local area by arranging hockey games, golf tournaments etc. and invite NHL stars to play against different Nordic teams.

By Sofie Bengtsson

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