A New Way of Doing Things: A Fan’s Perspective on Select A Seat

img_3295The Capitals, like many NHL teams always look for ways in which to engage season ticket holders to make the fan experience a unique and enjoyable one. In this piece, NoVa Caps’ Lisa Desabrais gives her take on the Capitals’ Select A Seat initiative.

When I first received notice that select-a-seat for season ticket holders was going virtual, I was a little bit skeptical. This event gives us the opportunity to switch our seats (that we had to commit to in March) to other seats which have become available. The process is usually done in person at the arena whereas you are given a “group” time with those season ticket holders with the same tenure as you. This is done in half-hour increments until the event is over (you are able to stay from your allotted time until the end of the event).

The letter detailing how the “virtual” venue would work was well detailed and easy to understand. We were still given our sign on time depending on our tenure as ticket holders. One question I had was quickly answered via email (the event would stay “live” without interruption until the end date given). It also gave you a prior opportunity to get yourself acquainted with the seating sections within the arena. Although we love our seats, we were wanting to move a few rows closer to the ice if anything became available.

Seats are updated continuously as people release their current seats to switch to new ones, much faster than they were capable of doing with paper signs at the arena. Although I was leery at first how things would turn out, I am definitely a fan of the new and improved season ticket holder select-a-seat; especially because I get to hold off fighting DC traffic for a bit longer.

It looks as though our section, 217, along with the other 200 sections are the most popular. We weren’t able to move any closer but I’m not complaining . We have a clear view of the boys on the bench, great view of the ice, and get to see Braden Holtby defend the net twice. Here’s hoping to see more familiar faces when the new season begins instead of a revolving door of sweaters from opposing teams. Why buy seats just to sell them?

October can’t come fast enough. I’m sure the tears will flow once the Stanley Cup celebration begins and the banner is lifted high up to the rafters. Not everyone from the team will be on the ice as we applaud their accomplishments, and I wish them only the best wherever their career takes them . I personally am praying to the hockey gods to see Jay Beagle’s smile on October 3.

By Lisa Desabrais

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