Washington Capitals Draft Profile: Dominik Bokk

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It’s been a tiring few days since the Capitals’ Stanley Cup parada festivities. So tonight NoVa Caps is going to take a quick breather and look to the 2018 NHL Entry Draft to take fans’ minds off the hustle and bustle that is free agency and the craziness that is bound to happen.

The Washington Capitals are facing a rough truth in that there aren’t a lot of top-level forwards left in their prospect pool. But within the SHL, there plays a young man by the name of Dominik Bokk. Born February 3, 2000, in Schweinfurt, Germany, the 18-year-old is a fast forward who, unlike a lot of Capitals prospects, is a right winger.

There is a lack of right wings in the Capitals organization. Coincide that with the fact that Bokk is expected to be drafted late in the first round (possibly between 25th and 31st overall), the latter of which is where the Capitals will pick after winning the Cup, and it seems like there is a natural fit for Bokk to join the Capitals.

Before playing in the SHL, Bokk played in the DNL, a German league notorious for having been the league Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers got his hockey start in. Bokk scored 34 goals in 41 games in the DNL, along with an additional 37 assists. Compared to a younger Draisatil, Bokk has done immeasurably better in the DNL.

Bokk is also a very technical player, especially for a forward. His plays aren’t flashy, and he possesses great abilities in open ice, even for someone so young. He’s a talented puck-handler and is great in one-on-one situations and breakaways. One downside of Bokk’s play, however, is that he isn’t spectacular without the puck on his stick. But that isn’t a reason to be concerned at this point. Bokk is a projected top-line sniper, whose ability with the puck greatly outweighs his inability without it.

So why is a player with such great numbers and such a lot of promise slated to be drafted late in the first round? The answer is simple: he plays out of Germany. When one looks at a lot of the players who are projected to go early in the first round, they would see a lot of players of Swedish, Canadian, and Czech descent. For some reason, players outside of that area fail to draw much attention from scouts. This could play well into Washington’s hand.

One more thing to note is that of the team’s four notable right wingers (Oshie, Tom Wilson, Devante Smith-Pelly, and Alex Chiasson), Oshie is the only one without an expiring contract. Wilson has the highest chances of being re-signed, and either Smith-Pelly could have become the favorite of the latter two after an impressive playoff performance. Allowing one of these players to walk in the offseason to make room for a new draftee would be beneficial both for the team’s cap space and for the team, should Bokk earn himself a spot on the roster during the 2018-19 preseason.

So what do you think Caps fans? Will Bokk be a good fit for the Capitals? Or do you have another player in mind you’d like to see drafted? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned to NoVa Caps for the latest Washington Capitals news.

By: Chris Laroche 

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