Andre Burakovsky will Meet with CCM This Summer to Seek Better Hockey Gloves


Hand injuries have been all too common for Andre Burakovsky. In the past he’s talked about seeing a sports psychologist over the summer. Another thing on his summer to-do list will be a meeting with hockey equipment manufacturer CCM. 

Burakovsky has had three hand injuries over the last two years. He noted that he could have avoided two of those three injuries if he had more protection on his gloves.

Burakovsky also mentioned that during the first-round Columbus series that saw him leave Game 2 early came from a broken right thumb. The injury resulted in him missing the remainder of that round as well as the entire second round Capitals series against the Penguins.

On the lighter side of things, Burakovsky confirmed that the team was drunk when him and a select few members got Stanley Cup inspired tattoos on Saturday night.

By Michael Marzzacco

About Michael Marzzacco

Michael is an avid DC sports fan with a passion for writing. He has followed the Washington Capitals since the 2003-04 season, around the time his enthusiasm for DC teams really began. It was from the days when they had the worst record in the league to when they became the most exciting team in the area. His Dad took him to his first Caps game a couple of years later. One of his favorite memories was being in the stands during the 2015 Winter Classic where Troy Brouwer scored the game-winning goal with 12 seconds left. Michael graduated from Radford University in May 2016, earning a degree in journalism and focusing on sports journalism and broadcasting. His goal is to work in sports media in Washington, D.C.
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