And the Party Goes On! Pictures and Videos of the Capitals’ Celebrating in DC!

Photo: @ARLnow

Last night, we showed you a few pictures and videos of the Capitals celebrating their Stanley Cup win at a nightclub in Las Vegas. And we were also very happy to report that the Caps and the Cup all made it safely home yesterday. But did the party stop because of their return to DC? Dear readers, I hope you already know the answer to that question. 

Stop me if you’v heard this one: Two legends walk into a bar… Seen in the video above is our fearless leader, still holding the Cup 36 hours later, as he enters Don Tito in Arlington, Virginia for what would be a homecoming celebration of Capital proportions.

Just moments before, Tom Wilson lifted Lord Stanley from his velvet-lined trunk to a resounding reception outside the restaurant.

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Nicklas Backstrom celebrates with some fans before heading to Don Tito’s roof for one of their famous rooftop parties, via a police escort.

While making his way to the rooftop celebration, Ovi turns around to ham it up with his adoring fans. As a side note, it really is refreshing to see the genuine happiness in the boys’ eyes this off season.


And now for some love for the Osh Babe, who was notably absent from the post-game celebration in Vegas. Last night, however, #77 was all smiles as he celebrated with his team, his fans, his family, and his Cup.


Even Coach Trotz wanted to get in on the fun! You can’t have a winning team without having a winning coach. Barry Trotz is just that, and now he has the Cup to show for it. It’s nice to see that even the coach takes time to interact with the fans.


But after a long two days of celebrating, being carried around and hoisted up, and kissed by dozens, if not hundreds of people, we are happy to announce that Lord Stanley has arrived at his new home, Capital One Arena, for some well deserved rest before making an appearance at Nationals Park later today.

By: Chris Laroche

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