Alex Ovechkin Throws Out First Pitch(es) at Nationals Game

Photo: @Capitals

Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals were on hand at Nationals Park on Saturday afternoon before the Washington Nationals took on the San Francisco Giants. The Stanley Cup was on hand and the Nats put together a video tribute and recognition of the 2018 Stanley Cup champions. Afterwards, the baseball was handed to Ovechkin as the threw out the ceremonial first pitch. 

First the boys of winter and the boys of summer took a group photo in the Nationals clubhouse.

Here comes the Cup!

Then came Ovechkin’s first pitch. Max Scherzer did the honors of catching Ovechkin’s pitch but Ovechkin overthrew it just a bit outside.

The DC crowd cheered anyway and the music sounded but Ovechkin wasn’t done. He signaled to Scherzer that he wanted another chance. The second time was much better.

Here’s both pitches:

Nationals manager Dave Martinez was asked if the Capitals championship run could carry over and inspire the Nationals this October as they chase towards a World Series title.

“I think this can carry over and really help us,” Martinez said. “All this stuff about the city getting over a hump. I should’ve brought a camel in today for the Caps.”

Barry Trotz has said that Martinez texts him. Both teams clearly support each other and share the same common goal of winning it for the fans. Additionally, the Lerner family and the Leonsis family are good friends.

Nicklas Bacsktrom, John Carlson and Alex Ovechkin spoke to the media after the ceremony. They needed some water to hydrate and haven’t gotten much sleep. They were out partying in Arlington the night before but it’s good to see them listening to their coach about hydrating.

From Martinez wearing Capitals gear at press conferences, Scherzer and Ryan Zimmerman showing their support at games and F.P. Santangelo leading a “C-A-P-S! CAPS! CAPS! CAPS!” chant on top of the bar at Clyde’s, the Nationals are ALL CAPS.

By Michael Marzzacco

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