What a Night! Pictures and Videos from the Washington Capitals Post Game Celebration in Las Vegas

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As reported earlier on in the day, last night’s Stanley Cup Championship celebration went on into the wee hours of the morning. A number of Washington Capitals stars were spotted at Hakaassaan, a night club in Las Vegas, Nevada, after leaving the T-Mobile Arena with their Stanley Cup. (Man, does it feel good to say that!) Here are some of the highlights of the boys’ celebration in Sin City.

Before any party can begin, you must first get through the door. I imagine the bouncers at the club were a little hesitant to let the opposition in, especially with the ultimate prize in Ovi’s hands. Isn’t in kind of adding insult to injury that we party in Vegas after beating the Golden Knights?

Of course not! Besides, would you turn away Alex Ovechkin, the entire Washington Capitals locker room, and the Stanley Cup? And this was only the start of a wild night ahead!


First up we have world-renowned DJ Tiesto drinking from the Stanley Cup, accompanied by our resident rough-houser, Tom Wilson. Usually, Wilson’s looking to get his hands dirty and throw a punch or two. But last night, Top Line Tommy was feeling nothing but love. While sharing this special moment with the Dutch-born disc jockey, Tom Wilson’s night was only just beginning.
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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Wrong. Philipp Grubauer’s gonna be holding and kissing that Cup all the way back to DC. I think Grubi’s spoken for in the relationship department, but I don’t think the lucky lady who comes home to our Grubi is going to mind seeing this passionate kiss photo from a Vegas nightclub.
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Here’s Ovi with Tiesto while he works his turntables. I don’t think Ovi will ever put the Cup down. Have you ever seen anything more wholesome than Ovechkin holding the Stanley Cup?

Now he won’t be remembered as the greatest to never win the Cup; he’ll simply be remembered as one of the greatest.
Photo by: dantan58


And here’s a video to go with that photo! Dance away, Ovi! You’ve earned it!


Poor quality, quality content. T.J. Oshie, with one hand around the Cup, and with the other hand directing traffic in Hakaassaan Nightclub, celebrates after an emotional victory.

Now, here’s something you don’t see every day. Here was have Jakub Vrana dancing in the Hakkasan Nightclub, while under the influence, one can only assume, waving a classic Orpik jersey around him like a maniac. Something about this speaks to me on a personal level. Perhaps it’s the poetic justice of the notion that both Jakub Vrana had a very important goal in our Stanley Cup victory game and Brooks Orpik had an important goal just a few games earlier. Whatever it is, I hope this video makes you smile all the same.

The party would go on like this for hours! Even a Golden Knights fan would be happy, I’m sure, to celebrate in a party of this caliber. As we reported earlier today, the Stanley Cup Championship parade will take place on Tuesday in Washington DC. So the party has only just begun for the boys in Red! There’s a lot of things to do during the offseason before we raise our brand new banners, but for the time being, all that matters is celebrating. The Washington Capitals are your 2017-18 Stanley Cup Champions!

By: Chris Laroche

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