Washington Stars React to Stanley Cup Victory

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It happened. It finally happened. The Washington Capitals are the Stanley Cup Champions! They bested the Las Vegas Golden Knights last night for the fourth time, knocking the expansion team out of the playoffs, leaving only the Caps left standing. And atop the highest mountain, they claimed their long awaited prize. 

The celebration continued after the broadcast went off the air, and well into the morning. Capitals stars Brooks Orpik, Philipp Grubauer, and Jakub Vrana were all seen on their respective social media accounts celebrating together just shortly before the sun came up. The boys in Red, with Lord Stanley’s Cup in tow, are now safely aboard their plane headed for DC.

Many people have since taken to their social media accounts to congratulate Ovechkin and the rest of the team on a hard-earned victory. Here is just a sample of the love coming to the Caps.

For starters, let’s take a look at some of the other big names in The District.

But DC’s other professional sports teams weren’t the only ones who took time to congratulate the Capitals; some of the stars who play on those teams weighed in as well!

I know there are a lot of people who aren’t sympathetic to Bryce Harper’s loss, as he was cheering for the Golden Knights. But I say cut the man some slack. Las Vegas is his hometown, after all. And he lost with grace and embraced the DC community by praising the Capitals, and especially Holtby. Harper is a generational baseball talent, and we all love having him DC despite his Vegas roots. Seems like at the end of the day, he’s proud to be part of the DC community, too.

Outside of DC, we found a lot of love coming in from all around the world. People everywhere were ecstatic to see the Capitals hoist the Stanley Cup for the first time!

Darren Rovell caught this sight in the heart of DC last night. Look at all those fans! Kinda looks like the… walking red.


Get it? …No?
Okay. Moving on.

I think Pat might be getting a little ahead of himself, but he did do bang up job of introducing the starting line up in Game 3, so we’ll let him have has moment.


Meanwhile, on Instagram, WWE Superstar Luke Harper (of the Bludgeon Brothers faction) also expressed his excitement for the Capitals, and especially for Ovechkin. Earlier this year, while WWE was touring in DC, Harper uploaded a picture of himself sitting in Ovechkin’s locker space at the Capital One Arena  preparing for his match that night. I think it’s safe to assume this massive man is a Capitals fan. If not, he at least enjoys good hockey. We’re not sure who Larry is, but we believe Harper posts in character as his WWE-self.

He’s a man of many controversies and mixed acclaim, but President Trump, regardless of how you feel about him, expressed his approval in as presidential manner as anyone could!

But perhaps the most shocking of congratulations came from our admirable adversaries. After the final horn sounds, there’s nothing but respect between our nation’s capitol and the steel city. Thank you, Pittsburgh Penguins. We’ll be clashing with you again before we know it.

By: Chris Laroche

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