A “Nicky B” Twitter Message From 20K Feet Above Ground – You Don’t Want To Miss This One!

A0B03EEF-B5C1-4E04-961D-AC064561E188Our beloved team is currently heading home from their victory in Game Five of the Stanley Cup finals. And from approximately 20,000 feet above ground, Nicky wanted to send us a tweet to let all of us know the Stanley Cup was safe and sound in the arms of our Captain, Alex Ovechkin.

Also notice Backstrom’s hashtag: #ifthereisonecitythatdeservesthis? A shout out to all of “us”!

Backstrom has been the quiet storm behind the success of our Captain – and our team. And after what we’ve witnessed from this dynamic duo over the years on the ice, what we’ve seen recently shows just how much they care for one another as individuals off the ice. The images of them from last night speak volumes! They will each go down in history and it will be hard to share their stories individually – as so much of their success was dependent on the success of the other.


Land that plane safe and sound and get our boys on the ground! We will look forward to celebrating with them and all of their fans at their victory parade on Tuesday.

By: Beckie Reilly

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