Vegas Is a Hockey Town: The Golden Knights are Taking the Desert By Storm


Over the last week, I ventured across the country to Las Vegas.  In addition to some gambling, I took in some of the local treasures in shows and museums.  While in town, I noticed that the locals and visitors have taken notice of the Golden Knights.

Throughout my stay, I used Lyft, and met some pretty nice individuals.  I spoke to several different Lyft drivers, and most of the drivers I talked to were not native to Las Vegas.  Most of the drivers I spoke to were new to the game of hockey, but most of them were very receptive to the Golden Knights and their early success.


From the walkways in the airport to the shops inside multiple Vegas malls, the Golden Knights have taken the town by storm.  Their merchandise is everywhere.  For a new hockey market, this is exciting to see.

Statue of Liberty Vegas

For a hockey team to grow in popularity, marketing is a must.  Hockey is still new in the desert, and not many people have been totally exposed to it.  While Vegas is a city that is well known for gambling, the Golden Knights are doing everything they can to become a household name in the city.


Before my trip, I was hoping Game 7 would happen between San Jose and Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, the series ended in 6 games, so I was not able to attend a game on my trip.

T-Mobile Arena

I did make the lengthy walk to the arena to collect new merchandise.  I visited the team store named “The Armory.”  It was a nice store, next to the main entrance area.

The Armory

When you approach the arena, it is massive.  It also has massive video boards with plenty of LED lights.  It is very impressive, and beautifully built.  I still would love to attend a game there some day down the road.


As each year goes by, the NHL is finding new ways to grow the game.  The league is expanding to new markets and taking chances with their business.  As a hockey fan in general, I appreciate this.

Las Vegas is doing a good job of promoting the new hockey club in town.  The NHL has done a good job in getting the word out around North America.

No Way San Jose

As a hockey fan, I can appreciate the sport growing and the league making it grow bigger and better than ever.  The league made a smart decision adding Vegas to the mix.  Vegas has shown that new markets can succeed.  Vegas has shown that new hockey fans can come from nowhere.

By: George Foussekis

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I am a sports fanatic. I love hockey and football, and I enjoy writing about my two favorite sports. I am a proud Old Dominion University alum.
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