No Hearing from NHL Department of Player Safety on Tom Wilson’s Hit on Brian Dumoulin


The NHL Department of Player Safety has reviewed the Tom Wilson hit on Brian Dumoulin and has determined no hearing or disciplinary action is necessary regarding the hit. This news was first reported by Greg Wyshynski of ESPN

In yesterday’s Game 2 during the early part of the second period, Dumoulin turned his head as he saw Ovechkin in front of him. But what he didn’t see behind him until it was too late was Wilson as his shoulder made contact with his head. Dumoulin left the game.

“I’m back checking the puck and he stopped,” Wilson told the media after the game. “Obviously it’s a big collision and I’m at no point trying to target the head at all.”

A punishment on Wilson would’ve been a big blow to the Capitals, who seem to have momentum on their side after a big Game 2 win. Wilson is classified as a repeat offender as he was suspended twice for some controversial hits in the preseason, including the final preseason game which resulted in Wilson sitting out the first four games of the NHL season.

By Michael Marzzacco

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8 Responses to No Hearing from NHL Department of Player Safety on Tom Wilson’s Hit on Brian Dumoulin

  1. Always ScrewthePens says:

    Awesome news and he even got the chance to throw his shoulder into the guys head as an extra bonus. Pens get all the breaks, we should be allowed to injure a few to make it even, right!? I say poke’em in the eyes, kick em in the balls, whack, mugg and Mame all of them whenever we have the chance. (Oh ya, we have been). The refs are afraid to call penalties on us because they don’t want to be seen as being partial to the Pens this series. Screw em. We know how to play dirty, that’s for sure. Now we are given free reign to take as many out as we can. Let’s start with Murrey and Crosby Tues night. By 7:45, they should be gone!!

  2. Jon Sorensen says:

    Agreed. Additionally you win the user name of the day award. Congratulations!

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