Thoughts from Section 217: Arm Chair Coaching: What’s Your Preferred Lineup?

I’m pretty sure throughout the eighty-two game season we have all scratched our heads at times with the game lineups. Heck, I’m sure some of us have even thought we could do a better job at it. With the playoffs starting tomorrow, let’s put on our “coaching hats” and put out a lineup  you’d like to see in game one. 

My favorable lineup

Vrana-Eller-Connolly (Connolly is on a very short leash with me )

Here’s where things get a little murkier for me:


(I like the fact that both Beagle and Boyd can effectively take face-offs and Boyd can battle hard against the boards. DSP has been off the scoreboard for quite sometime but he plays a heavy game, blocks shots, and doesn’t shy away from scrapping it up; something I think we will need against Columbus.)



I’m a diehard Holtby fan, always will be and recognize his tremendous work ethic and contributions to the team. Grubauer has certainly showed he is capable between the pipes and just maybe he’s the missing link for the team to change the tide. Either way, we have two great goaltenders and it’s up to the rest of the team to show up in front of them.

Win or lose, I will always support this team, BUT let’s SILENCE that cannon!

What say ye?

By Lisa Desabrais

About Lisa Desabrais

Just your run of the mill hockey lover and even bigger Caps’ fan. Season Ticket Holder. Contributor for NoVa Caps. Bless my husband for supporting my love of all things hockey related.
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7 Responses to Thoughts from Section 217: Arm Chair Coaching: What’s Your Preferred Lineup?

  1. Harrison Brown says:

    Stephenson(Chiasson for right now with Beagle hurt)-Beagle(Stephenson for right now)-Connolly


    Grubauer/Holtby – rotate

    This is the lineup I want to see.


  2. Greg Christian says:

    I’m a fan of the grittier, hard-working guys (I don’t think the Caps have enough of them), so I prefer Chiasson to Boyd. I’d also go with Gersich over Vrana.

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