Philipp Grubauer Gets a New Mask

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 12.11.47 AMPhoto: @daveart

David Gunnarsson is the mastermind behind goalie mask designs for numerous Washington Capitals and Hershey Bears goaltenders over the years. This week, he unveiled his latest creation for Capitals netminder Philipp Grubauer. You can follow David on Instagram @daveart

On his instagram post. David described Grubauer’s new mask:
“Today we have the pleasure to unleash the latest mask and also 10th chapter in Philipp Grubauer’s mask art saga called ”The Desolation Of Grubi”…Yes it is the 10th mask in this unique mask series which Philipp and I have created together. I love the challenge to create and paint a line of Storyteller masks that connects to each other, mask after mask. This is a design built on contrasts and inspired by the US flag since it is for the capital city of USA… Thanks Grubi! I am so proud to be your personal mask artist!”

Grubauer is having a tremendous season and when the playoffs roll around, whether he’s the starter or not, he’ll have a sweet bucket to accompany him in the Capitals drive towards a Stanley Cup. The glaring logo at the top of the mask has been a staple in a lot of Gunnarson’s designs but it’s really bold on this one. The red, white and blue is not only patriotic for our great country but represents also represents the Capitals as a whole in both their color scheme and the fact that they play their home games in our nation’s capital.

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By Michael Marzzacco

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