Recapping the NHL GM Meetings: Is There A Fix To Goaltender Interference?

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Over the last 72 hours, the NHL GMs have gathered in Boca Raton, Florida to discuss and fix the latest topics around the NHL.  Heading into this meeting, goaltender interference was the hottest topic among NHL GMs.

Besides goaltender interference, there were many topics the NHL GMs covered during the meetings.  Let’s look at what was discussed, and what new rules could be in place very soon.


This topic was discussed over the entire meeting span.  The review process for goaltender interference is about to change.

If approved by the Competition Committee and Board of Governors, the review process might put a retired referee in the situation room to make the calls on goaltender interference.  The feeling is that the referees will not lose any kind of power, but the situation room can provide the best looks for goaltender interference.  This will be voted on soon, and could be in place during this regular season.  With a referee in the situation room, it could lead to more consistency with the judgment calls on the ice.

Another change to goaltender interference could involve adding a 2-minute penalty to it if there is a failed challenge.  This would be just like the offside challenge rule.  This could likely decrease the amount of goaltender interference challenges on the ice.

The goaltender interference rule is very fluid right now, and could change at any time.  If the rule is not put in place during this regular season, it will likely be re-visited during the summer.  Change is coming to the review process, and it will be interesting to see if more consistency comes out of the new changes.


While the offsides challenge rule was debated, there is no movement to change anything with this rule.  NHL GMs felt that players need to know the offside rule in regards to their skates.  It appears that most parties are happy with the way this rule stands, even though the reviews can be dicey at times.


The next Expansion Draft was discussed with Seattle destined to get an NHL team.  It has been reported that the Expansion Draft rules that will be in place for Seattle will be the same as the rules set for Vegas.

With Vegas’ immediate success, there was probably some resistance to the same rules, but the NHL wants to keep a strong competitive balance in the league.  With the rules expected to be the same, that bodes well for Seattle to have a competitive team in the beginning of its existence.


The salary cap is expected to go up again in 2018-19.  The cap projection is going to be somewhere between $78-82 million.  The current max cap is set at $75 million.  There is no word what the minimum cap will be set at.

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