Trading Places: A Look at Who Went Where Before the Trade Deadline Closed

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Today is February 27, 2018 and the NHL’s Trade Deadline officially closed over 24 hours ago. It was a very busy few weeks leading up to this point for all 31 NHL clubs and last-minute trades were still trickling in even as the deadline came. So tonight we’re going to take a look at what the trade winds brought in for all the teams around the NHL. 

As I typed, I was notified of a big trade that took place, so let’s start with that. Breaking news in the world of NHL, was that a trade agreement was reached between the New York Rangers and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

To Tampa: Defenseman Ryan McDonagh, two-years / $9.4 million
Forward J.T. Miller, one-year / $2.7 million

To New York: Forward Vladimir Namestnikov
Defenseman Libor Hajek (AHL), three-years / $3 million
Forward Brett Howden (AHL), three-years / $2.5 million
1st Round 2018 Draft Pick
Conditional 1st Round Draft Pick

Tampa Bay has been on top of the league’s standings all season and is looking to make a deep playoff run. Before the season began, they were the odds-on favorites to claim the Stanley Cup this year. With this additional depth in both their offensive and defensive departments, it certainly looks like the Bolts will remain a top team to beat for at least the remainder of the season.

New York, on the other hand, has not been so successful. The Rangers currently sit in dead last in the Metropolitan Division and are looking to rebuild from the ground up to avoid the same embarrassment next season. They gave up two noteworthy players in this exchange but received a big name from Tampa in Namestnikov, as well as a couple of early draft picks and a pair of AHL prospects. With these pieces in place, New York is looking for a fresh start in the near future and it looks like they are off to a good start with this first exchange.

Next up, we have a trade involving the newest team in the NHL, and one of the Original Six. Isn’t that poetic? Young and old coming together to make moves.

Anyway, this trade focuses on the Vegas Golden Knights helping a struggling Detroit Red Wings team rebuild, and in return, Vegas gets some additional reliability on the offensive side of their game.

To Las Vegas: Left Wing Forward Tomas Tatar, four-years / $21.2 million

To Detroit: 1st Round 2018 Draft Pick
2nd Round 2019 Draft Pick
3rd Round 2021 Draft Pick

The Golden Knights are another team who’re looking strong right out of the gates, breaking multiple records for the successes of a team in its inaugural season. The team looks to add Tatar to their roster with the hopes that they can continue to set records and go deep in the playoffs. Detroit is now in a position they’re not used to being in. The Red Wings had made an appearance in the playoffs for many years consecutively but that came to a screeching halt last season. It looks as though they’re hoping to limit their lack of success to a short of a period of time as they can by sacrificing one reliable player in Tatar in the hopes of scouting some of tomorrow’s next stars early on and drafting them in for the next few years.

Up next on the list of trades made right at the deadline, we have a trade from two teams from opposite conferences. In the west, we have the dark-horse team known as the San Jose Sharks, and from the east we have a team that’s begun to find their footing a little too late in the season, the Buffalo Sabres.

To San Jose: Left Wing Forward Evander Kane, one-year / $5.2 million

To Buffalo: Center Dan O’Regan (AHL), one-year / $800,000
1st Round 2019 Draft Pick
4th Round 2020 Draft Pick

Despite Evander Kane’s ability on the ice, he will only be able do so much to help the struggling Sabres. In 2016, San Jose made it to the Stanley Cup Final, where they lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins. While they found success in the regular season last year, they were unable to advance in the playoffs past the first round. Kane could be the missing piece to help bring the glory to San Jose. Meanwhile on the US / Canada border, the Sabres are looking to return themselves to their former glory. The Sabres have made it to the Stanley Cup Final twice in their history, but have never been able to raise the Cup for themselves. Perhaps with a little grooming to O’Regan, and these all-important draft picks, Buffalo can right the ship that’s been off course for quite a while.

Last night, the Columbus Blue Jacket hosted the Capitals in a Metropolitan Division match up that ended up heavily in the Blue Jackets’ favor. Prior to puck drop, Columbus was very busy making moves. Our next trade saw them make a deal with the Vancouver Canucks.

To Columbus: Right Wing Thomas Vanek, one-yr / $2 million

To Vancouver: Left Wing Tyler Motte, two-years / $1.8 million
Center Jussi Jokinen, one-year / $1.1 million

Despite his age, Jokinen has proven he is capable of competing with the best of the them on the ice. He, alongside Motte, look to add to the power of star rookie Brock Boeser as the Canucks look to rebuild themselves from a somewhat competitive team, to one that can storm through the playoffs like they did in 2011, when they made it to the Stanley Cup Final.

The New Jersey Devils are a team that came storming out of the gates in the preseason, and they still show no signs of slowing down. The Edmonton Oilers are a team that was predicted to do exceptionally well this season and has not lived up to expectations. This next trade compliments both teams nicely, and addresses needs from both sides.

To New Jersey: Left Wing Patrick Maroon, one-yr / $2 million

To Edmonton: Center Joey Dudek, Prospect (No Contract)
3rd Round 2019 Draft Pick

Maroon proved to be a solid player during his time with the Oilers, and with this additional piece in place, New Jersey hopes to continue the momentum they’ve been riding on all season long into the playoffs. Meanwhile, this draft and prospect combo should have Oiler fans looking towards sunnier days to come.

Here we are again, talking about a team who we’ve not spoken of for the last time today. The team looking for a ground-up rebuild, the New York Rangers. In this second exchange, they cut a deal with last year’s last-place team, the Colorado Avalanche.

To New York: Defenseman Chris Bigras, one-year / $800,000

To Colorado: Defenseman Ryan Graves, one-year / $600,000

Despite their struggles last year, the Avs have righted the ship and are currently a middle of the pack team, a threat to win on any given night, but who’re currently out of playoff contention. At their rate of growth, they should be a playoff team in the next season or two. All in all, this was a pretty even trade all around. New York spent a little extra on a defenseman who can do a little extra. You’ve got to spend money to make money, and the Rangers are hoping Bigras will help them right the ship.

The Boston Bruins are a team that has been absolutely on fire as of late, and they’ve been all over the place making trades in hopes of adding to that success. They’re another team we’ll be talking about quite a bit as we discuss the trades that have happened this week. In this particular trade, they acquired a player from the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for a late pick in next year’s draft.

To Boston: Winger Tommy Wingels, one-year / $700,000

To Chicago: 5th Round 2019 Draft Pick

Chicago has had unparalleled success over the last decade, but find themselves in a tough spot this season. Looking to cut some cap space and prepare for the future, they sent Wingels to Beantown and will look to draft someone who can assist them in the future. Wingels, now clad in black and gold, will look to add to Boston’s success as they prepare for the playoffs.

Next up, we have two of the Caps’ division rivals making an even “one-for-one” exchange.

To Pittsburgh: Center Josh Jooris, one-year / $700,000

To Carolina: Center Greg McKegg, one-year / $600,000

The thoughts and prayers of the NoVa Caps team are with Jordan and Heather Staal, and the entire Carolina Hurricanes community as the Canes’ Captain and his wife lay their infant daughter Hannah to rest. No parent should have to bury their child. But even when tragedy strikes, the game must be played. Carolina looks to save a little money and not alter their momentum too much as they attempt to claw their way into a playoff spot. Perhaps McKegg’s time spent with the Penguins will help elevate the Canes’ game to where they want to be to make their captain proud.

Our next trade comes from two Canadian-based teams, one from each conference. The Calgary Flames are lobbying for a playoff spot, while the Ottawa Senators are at the bottom of the league’s rankings and are looking to slowly start anew.

To Calgary: Center Nick Shore, one-year / $900,000

To Ottawa: 7th Round 2019 Draft Pick

There really isn’t much to say here. The Flames are looking to solidify their chances of making the playoffs on a budget, and the Senators are looking towards a rebuild and taking any draft picks they can to help them achieve it.

Next up, an Atlantic Division team takes a draft pick and makes some cap space with the help of a Central Division team after having a rough season. The Montreal Canadiens and the Minnesota Wild came to the following agreement.

To Montreal: Defenseman Mike Reilly, one-year / $700,000

To Minnesota: 5th Round 2019 Draft Pick

The Wild aren’t in the worst place, but they also aren’t where they’d like to be. It would seem at first glance that the Canadiens came out on top here, having acquired something for virtually nothing. That said, the Habs still have a lot of work to do to recover from the season they’re currently having.

Then again, perhaps the Canadiens have some sort of trick up their sleeve, as our next trade sees them sacrifice a different defenseman for another draft pick in a deal with the Jets.

To Montreal: 4th Round 2018 Draft Pick

To Winnipeg: Defenseman Joe Morrow, one-year / $600,000

I’m sure the Jets were happy to take this defenseman to add to their own at a low-cost in exchange for a late pick in this year’s draft. Montreal, all eyes are on you. What will your next plan of action be?

Next up, we see a former Capital make his way to the Western Conference in a one-for-one trade between the Anaheim Ducks and the New York Islanders.

To Anaheim: Left Wing Jason Chimera (Former Washington Capital), one-year / $2.2 million

To New York: Center Chris Wagner, one-year / $600,000

Chimera is getting up there in age, pushing 40. Wagner is 26 and in the prime of his career. The former Capital is getting what could be one last chance at Stanley Cup glory as he is traded to one of the leading teams of the Pacific Division. Wagner, on the other hand, will look to help defend a teetering Islanders team, as this New York-based club is currently the most successful of the three, and not quite out of the playoff picture just yet.

Next up, we see the Blue Jackets make a second agreement. This time, they cut a deal with the team currently in 31st/last place, the Arizona Coyotes.

To Columbus: Center Ryan Kujawinski, one-year / $700,000

To the pit of misery:,  erm, sorry…
To Arizona: Center Jordan Maletta, two-years / $1.5 million

Arizona looks to right the ship for next season with this trade, and Columbus looks to lock itself into a playoff spot for a low-cost. We’ll see how this pans out; I personally think the Coyotes got a steal here from Columbus.

Moving right along, we go out of the desert and into the great white north. And then directly back into the desert again. Our next trade features two previously-listed teams, the Canucks, and the Golden Knights, as they swap defense for offense.

To Vancouver: Left Wing Brendan Leipsic, two-years / $1.3 million

To Vegas: Defenseman Phillip Holm, one-year/ $900,000

The Golden Knights are not to be taken lightly despite their lack of time in the league. Every move they’ve made has proven beneficial to them. One can only assume Holm will find success in Sin City, and one can also assume Leipsic was brought to the Canucks with good intentions for the team.

The Jets are another darkhorse of a team who never seem to be credited appropriately. They’re in great standings in the league right now, and have made another pickup today that will help add to their power. This time, it came from the St. Louis Blues.

To Winnipeg: Center Paul Stastny, one-year / $7 million

To St. Louis: Left Wing Erik Foley, Prospect (No Contract)
1st Round 2018 Draft Pick

On second thought, perhaps the Blues came out ahead here. Unless Winnipeg is planning on re-signing Stastny to a new contract this offseason, $7 million seems a bit steep for a one-and-done playoff run. Meanwhile in St. Louis, the Blues now have the rights to an unsigned up and comer and a first-round draft pick to help them in the near future. The skies are blue for the Blues in St. Louis.

Next up we have a trade involving two teams who met in the first round of last year’s playoffs. One would go on to the Stanley Cup Finals, and one would struggle to recover from the loss in the first round. The Nashville Predators and the Blackhawks look to balance themselves out with this trade.

To Nashville: Right Wing Ryan Hartman, one-year / $800,000
5th Round 2019 Draft Pick

To Chicago: Center Victor Ejdsell, two-years / $1.7 million
1st Round 2018 Draft Pick
4th Round 2018 Draft Pick

The Predators are looking to right the wrong of having lost in the Cup Finals last year, and it appears like they are going all in for another deep playoff run. Meanwhile, Chicago has struggled this year and will more than likely benefit from a similar player and picking up a few extra draft picks.

Our final trade made on the deadline (yes, all these trades were from the day of the deadline) sees the Blue Jackets acquire a player who’s been moved around a lot in the last week. We’ll talk more about that later on. This happens for him, as the Senators look to further reset after a woeful season.

To Columbus: Defenseman Ian Cole, one-year / $2.1  million

To Ottawa: Center Nick Moutrey, one-year / $700,000
3rd Round 2020 Draft Pick

Ian Cole has been tossed around a lot lately, having been involved in two trades in one week. He was shipped out of Ottawa, one can imagine, for having a large price tag for a short duration. A team looking for a fresh start is better off taking a cheaper player and the additional draft selection.

Sunday, despite being the day before the Trade Deadline, was rather quiet. Only four trades took place league-wide before the pieces really began to shuffle. Without further ado, let’s jump right into those four trades.

For the last two years, the Pittsburgh Penguins have been the Stanley Cup champion. In this trade, we see a deal between the two teams they beat in the respective back-to-back finals.

To Nashville: Left Wing Brandon Bollig, one-year / $600,000
Goaltender Troy Grosenick (AHL), two-years / $1.3 million

To San Jose: 6th Round 2018 Draft Pick

One can imagine the Sharks are looking to improve their goaltending situation with their newly-acquired draft selection, and the Preds are definitely looking at a chance at Stanley Cup redemption.

It certainly has been a busy week for the Predators, hasn’t it? They’re back again, and so are the Blue Jackets. Our next trade sees them make an agreement, and this time, the Preds are settling for a draft pick.

To Nashville: 4th Round 2018 Draft Pick

To Columbus: Right Wing Mark Letestu, one-year / $1.8 million

Letestu has been on the move a lot this season too, as he was sent to the Nashville by the Edmonton Oilers. Perhaps he was a little too rich for Nashville’s blood. The draft pick will help them set up for next season after this all-in Cup run season they’re on now. Meanwhile, Letestu’s permanent home is one that will need his offensive abilities if they want to stay in the running in the bustling Metropolitan Division.

Ah yes, here’s a team we haven’t talked about yet. Two Canadian-based teams made this trade. There’s quite the laundry list of moves being made here between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs, so let’s jump right into it.

To Toronto: Right Wing Kyle Baun, one-year / $600,000
Center Tomas Plekanec, one-year / $6 million

To Montreal: Defenseman Rinat Valiev, one-year / $800,000
Left Wing Kerby Rychel, one-year / $900,000
2nd Round 2018 Draft Pick

This transaction will allow Montreal to recover some cap space for their due rebuilding phase, while helping the Maple Leafs delve further into the playoffs. The Cup hopefuls will add the offensive power to their arsenal in an effort to elevate them above their competition.

And here we are again with the rebuilding New York Rangers, making a deal with the buzzing Boston Bruins. New York continues to out their assets and Boston is continuing to pick up excellent players, but this time, at more of a cost.

To Boston: Winger Rick Nash, one-year / $7.8 million

To New York: – Center Ryan Spooner, one-year / $2.9 million
Left Wing Matt Beleskey, three-years / $11.4 million
Defenseman Ryan Lindgren, Prospect (No Contract)
1st Round 2018 Draft Pick
7th Round 2018 Draft Pick

New York won this trade, easily. Boston gave up far too much and accepted far too little. That said, New York’s rebuilding phase is off to a nice start before their season even concludes. Boston made a big save on its salary cap, and got a quality player, but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. We’ll have to see how this all unfolds.

With 48 hours to go until the trade deadline, February 24th was even quieter than the 25th. Only a single trade was made that day, and it was a simple player-for-pick swap between the Islanders and the Oilers.

To New York: Defenseman Brandon Davidson, one-year / $1.4 million

To Edmonton: 3rd Round 2019 Draft Pick

There really isn’t much to say here. Edmonton saved some cap space while New York picked up a player to fill a hole. All-in-all, a simple trade on a quiet day.

And now, this is the trade the whole NHL has been talking about. The three-way trade between two Stanley Cup contenders and a rebuilding club. This trade will be talked about for quite some time, as it saw a lot of unexpected things happen. Let’s dive right in with the details from this February 23 exchange.

To Pittsburgh: Center Derick Brassard, two-years / $10 million
Center Vincent Dunn, one-year / $600,000
Left Wing Tobias Lindberg, one-year / $700,000
3rd Round 2018 Draft Pick

To Ottawa: Defenseman Ian Cole (Later Traded to Columbus)
Goaltender Filip Gustavsson, thre-years / $2.3 million
1st Round 2018 Draft Pick
3rd Round 2019 Draft Pick

To Vegas: Right Wing Ryan Reaves, one-year / $1.1 million
4th Round 2018 Draft Pick

So with this trade having taken place, it became painfully obvious that the Penguins are looking for a three-peat. That said, this transaction also helps the Golden Knights, as Ryan Reaves is a talented skater with plenty of ability. The Senators up in Ottawa don’t have much to complain about either; they’re going to have plenty of tools to work with to try and push themselves back to the top.

On February 22, bitter rivals shocked the world when they came to a trade agreement for the first time in NHL history. The New Jersey Devils came to terms with a move for those re-occurring New York Rangers, who have a storied rivalry together.

To New Jersey: Winger Michael Grabner, one-year / $1.7 million

To New York: Defenseman Yegor Rykov, Prospect (No Contract)
2nd Round 2018 Draft Pick

This is where New York’s ground up rebuild really took off. They traded a notable player for a draft pick and a prospect to a rival team who are looking to go deep in the playoffs this season after some rebuilding of their own.

On the same day, Boston picked up a draft pick in exchange for a player. The draft pick in question came from the Panthers, who are just behind the Bruins in the Atlantic Division.

To Boston: 3rd Round 2018 Draft Pick

To Florida: Left Wing Frank Vatrano, one-year / $800,000

This trade is about as balanced as it gets, and is where Boston began their notable shopping spree. It will be interesting to see how Vatrano plays in Florida. They’re 20 points behind Boston, and yet, the Panthers are the team closest to catching them in the division. I suppose nothing is impossible.

On February 21, two transactions were made between teams. The first of which came from two teams on the west, the Los Angeles Kings and the Coyotes, who swapped goalies with a forward tossed into the mix.

To Los Angeles: Winger Tobias Rieder, one-year / $2.2 million
Goaltender Scott Wedgewood, one-year /$600,00

To Arizona: Goaltender Darcy Kuemper, three-years / $4.3 million

This was a big move for the Coyotes, as Kuemper is better than Wedgewood is and Arizona needs all the help it can get to improve itself for next season. With Kuemper locked in for a few seasons ahead, I think the Coyotes are on the right track.

Ladies and gentleman, I thank you for bearing with me this whole time as we finally get to talk about the boys in red! Our next trade up saw the Capitals make a deal with the Canadiens.

To Washington: Defenseman Jakub Jerabek, one-year / $900,000

To Montreal: 5th Round 2019 Draft Pick

This selection came as a surprise to most Caps fans. Jerabek hadn’t even played in the NHL for long. It was rumored on yesterday that the Capitals had bids on Erik Karlsson and Ryan McDonagh, so why did the Capitals not focus their efforts on those two elites rather than taking someone with little NHL experience? Karlsson remained with the Senators, despite his possible transfer being one of the hottest topics in the NHL this season, and McDonagh’s new home was mentioned at the top of this article. Then again, fans did ask for new defensemen. Beggars can’t be choosers, I suppose. For now, all I can say is welcome Jerabek! I hope we’re all pleasantly surprised.

On February 20, there was a bit of action on the trade market. Two swaps between teams and this first is actually the Webster definition of “Theft”

To San Jose: Center Eric Fehr, one-year / $2 million

To Toronto: 7th Round 2020 Draft Pick

I honestly have no words. How the Leafs could allow Fehr to go at such a low-cost is beyond me. Sure, his contract is up at the end of the season, but the Sharks are looking to go deep in the playoffs and a player of Fehr’s caliber could be just their ticket in.

Secondly on that day, we saw the first transaction between the Bruins and the Rangers this season. Little did we know just how much would come from Rangers and how much the Bruins would take. It all started with this exchange.

To Boston: Defenseman Nick Holden, one-year / $1.6 million

To New York: Defenseman Rob O’Gara, one-year / $900,000
3rd Round 2018 Draft Pick

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, this seems like such a regulation trade, but it was the foreshadowing of things to come. New York sending off one of its key defensive players for a rookie and a pick, Boston swooping in and stealing the key player. Who could have imagined what could become of all this when it first took place. I bet no one even batted an eye.

On February 19, we saw two more trades. One of which is our most prideful transaction of the season in my opinion. And another one that caught me off guard. Let’s save the Capitals talk for last, it’ll be worth the wait, I promise!

To Philadelphia: Goaltender Petr Mrazek, one-year / $4 million

To Detroit: 4th Round 2018 Draft Pick
3rd Round 2019 Draft Pick

This trade came as a shock to me. Mrazek has seemingly been the franchise goalie for the Detroit Red Wings for a few years now and I was blown away by how little they received for him. I suppose he was badly needed in Philly though, since they traded Steve Mason last offseason. I suppose the Red Wings will now rely on Jimmy Howard.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, let’s talk about the Capitals’ biggest trade of the season, which started a shake up on our blueline!

To Washington: Defenseman Michal Kempny, one-year / $900,000

To Chicago: 3rd Round 2018 Draft Pick

When this trade was announced, no one knew what to expect. We found out later that Taylor Chorney would be waived, and later picked up by the Blue Jackets. And later still, the Caps acquired Jerabek. The Capitals now have four defensemen they don’t know what to do with in Kempny, Jerabek, Brooks Orpik, and Madison Bowey. Ideally, Bowey will return to Hershey sometime soon and the Capitals can run their third defensive-pairing with Kempny and Jerabek, leaving Orpik as their healthy scratch. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out. I just hope it’s “interesting” in a good way…

And that’s about all of it. That’s all the trades around the NHL between our Kempny claiming and the deadline this afternoon. Who do you think made out the best in these trades? Does this change your predictions for the playoffs? How do you feel the Capitals will fare now that the landscape has changed? Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts! And as always, stay tuned to NoVa Caps for the latest Washington Capitals news.

By: Chris Laroche

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