NoVa Caps Christmas Wishlist for the Washington Capitals

NoVa Caps Wishlist

As Santa Claus makes his rounds around the world tonight, a few of the NoVa Caps team decided to jot down items on our own Christmas wishlist for the Washington Capitals. Who knows, maybe Santa will come through. Read on to find out what we think the Capitals should get under the tree this year. 

Harrison Brown:
A top four defensemen

Lisa Desabris:
I would love to see Holts (Braden Holtby) and Grubi (Philipp Grubuaer) as forwards taking shots on goal while others on the team gear up as goalies. Let them see how it is as a “day in the life of a goalie”. Would be hilarious to show before a game on the Jumbotron.

Michael Marzzacco:
-A healthy lineup throughout the remainder of the season.
-Alex Ovechkin to score his 600th career goal and continue his leadership.
-Capitals fans to think positive and believe come playoff time.
-Be smart at the trade deadline, don’t give up anything too valuable.
-Get past the second round. The first DC sports team to achieve this feat that hasn’t been accomplished since 1998 will become the darlings and the heroes of the DMV. Bias aside, it would be fitting if that team was the Caps considering how much the fan base has grown since Ovechkin’s rookie year.
-If it has to come down to it, finally beat the Penguins in the playoffs. Got to beat the champs if you want to be a champ.

Luke Adomanis:
-Shoot the puck more.
-They don’t spend too much at the trade deadline; i.e., don’t trade the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round picks. Just take what you have into the playoffs
-Shoot the puck more.
-Trust the young kids in the playoffs
-Shoot the puck more.
-Win the Cup.
-Shoot the puck more.

Diane Doyle:
Win the Stanley Cup

Michael Fleetwood:
-Give Nathan Walker more chances to prove himself.
-Find a way at some point to re-sign John Carlson.
-Decide to retire the number of a great like Olaf Kolzig, Peter Bondra, etc.

George Foussekis:
Take every game seriously, even with teams that are not as good like Arizona. Beat up and defeat everyone. When you’re a good team, always play like a good team.

Beckie Reilly:
-Play every game like you’re playing for the Championship.
-Be mindful about penalties. Believe in your teammates- even the young ones, they’ve made the team because they have the talent to be there- our veterans need to help them shine.
-Like Alan May would say: Net front presence!

Jon Sorensen:
-New scheduling software for the NHL’s schedule makers.
-Common sense for all NHL employees who work at the Department of Player Safety.
-A new arena seat design that electrically shocks those that sit on the edge of it.
-Just an ounce of class for all Pittsburgh Penguins fans.
-Ilya Samsonov to sign with Caps and be in Hershey by the end of April
-Call up Travis Boyd

Capitals fans, what would you include on your Capitals wishlist? Comment below and let us know!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at NoVa Caps!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Grubbie traded for a top 4 D on an ELC

  2. Diane Doyle says:

    One other wish — for Capital One Arena to get filled up more with Caps fans than members of opposing fan bases.

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