San Jose’s Brenden Dillon to Have Hearing for Slashing Madison Bowey


The Capitals’ 4-1 win over the San Jose Sharks last night was an eventful one, from beginning to end. Just before the end of the game, Caps defenseman Madison Bowey took a vicious slash from Sharks defenseman Brenden Dillon, and the NHL took notice of it, as Dillon will have a hearing tonight with the NHL Department of Player Safety.

The NHL stated before the season that they would crack down on slashing and they have followed through with that statement. San Jose’s own Joe Thornton was recently fined $5,000 (the maximum allowable fine under the Collective Bargaining Agreement) for slashing. Dillon’s slash came in the closing seconds of the Sharks’ loss to the Caps, and after clutching his hand following the slash, there was concern among Capitals fans that Bowey had been injured.

However, Bowey practiced with the team this morning and appeared none the worse for wear. As mentioned above, the maximum amount in terms of fines would be $5,000. There has been no indication whether the slash on Bowey could result in a suspension, however, Dillon clearly did so with intent.

By Michael Fleetwood

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Michael Fleetwood was born into a family of diehard Capitals fans and has been watching games as long as he can remember. He was born the year the Capitals went to their first Stanley Cup Final, and is a diehard Caps fan, the owner of the very FIRST Joe Beninati jersey and since then, has met Joe himself. Michael joined the NoVa Caps team in 2015, and is most proud of the growth of the NoVa Caps community in that time. An avid photographer, Michael resides in VA.
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