In the Kitchen with Caps’ Chef Robbie & Defenseman Madison Bowey…Recipes Included!

This evening the Monumental Sports Network hosted one of its “VIP Member Events” In the Kitchen with Capitals Chef Robbie Wood and Defenseman Madison Bowey. 

For more information on becoming a Monumental Sports Network VIP Member, simply click on the image below.

Monumental Sports Network

Chef Robert Wood is a Partner and the Executive Chef at Superfd. Superfd Catering is headquartered in Washington, DC with 4,000 square feet of kitchen space. They have served over 100,000 meals to professional athletes across the nation. And over 25,000 meals to fitness buffs in DC alone! They have engaged and educated over 400 young students in the DC Area on the benefits of healthy eating habits through classes and demos.

The event was held at Kettler Iceplex where Monumental Sports Network VIP Members had the opportunity to network and mingle prior to the start of the cooking. Chef Robbie was extremely friendly and chatted among the guests throughout the course of the evening where he and his special guest, Madison Bowey prepared three fabulous holiday inspired hors d’oeuvres.

First up was “Spicy Pecan Goat Cheese Rolls”, and we’ve provided you with the recipe, below.

Spicy Pecan Goat Cheese Rolls

And then the Chef and Madison prepared “Smoked Salmon on Winter Radish” and “Martini Beef Skewers”.

Smoked Salmon on Winter Radish

Smoked SalmonThey prepared enough of these three appetizers for everyone in attendance to sample! And everyone seems to enjoy all three!

Throughout the event, the Chef was sharing what it was like to cook for the Capitals, his job is now in it’s 5th season – and he said that he has the “best job in the world”!

He works closely with the team’s nutritionist as well as Doctor to provide the necessary dietary components to all of the players.

He told us how nutrition has really changed over the years. He jokingly said that in the “Alan May” days, the players would be eating pizza along with 12-packs of beer!

One of the guests asked both the Chef and Madison what their “guilty pleasures” were in terms of food and they both had the same one – Ice Cream!

Another guest asked Madison if he does much cooking at home, and to that he replied, “…well, I don’t have a home [in DC] yet!”

Madison was also asked who his favorite baseball team is and he said he is really enjoying getting to know the Washington Nationals!

When Madison was asked about eating while on the road, he said that he is quick to tag along with Brooks Oprik. The Chef then mentioned that Brooks is very conscience about his nutrition and he also said that “Brooks is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.”

Madison and Drummonds

Season Ticket Holder, Dan Drummond, his daughter Sadie and Washington Capital, Madison Bowey.

Madison was kind enough to sign autographs and take photos with those in attendance when he finished up in the kitchen. Here he is with Capitals season ticket holder, Daniel Drummond and his daughter, Sadie.

Thank you, Monumental Sports Network for putting on another terrific VIP Member Event. We are already looking forward to the next one!

By: Beckie Reilly

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