The Word on the Street: “What Are Your Season Expectations”?


Welcome to our brand new series: Word on the Street. In this new feature, NoVa Caps reporter Michael Marzzacco will talk to fans around Kettler Capitals Iceplex or Capital One Arena to get their take on different topics and trends throughout the season. We kick things off with expectations on the season. We caught up with three different fans. 

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Greg and Dona Christian:

“My expectation is that they play hard. All I want to see is fight, I want to see grit, I want to see effort game in and game out. If I see that, the results will take care of themselves and I’ll be happy.” – Greg

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Dylan, David and Kyra Paradise:

“I think they’re definitely gonna get faster which will help them against teams like the [Pittsburgh] Penguins and [New York] Rangers, who have gotten fast over the years. Since the Caps have been knocked out against Pittsburgh the last couple of years, I think that being able to play faster will get them one step closer to being the team that advances to the third round.” – Dylan

“I start every year optimistic. I’ve been a Caps fan since 1974. I like to think that if the young guys gel, they can get past the second round for the first time in a while.” – David.

“I’m going to go along with my dad, I try to stay optimistic. I think they’ll be fine and I think everything will work out.” – Kyra.

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Alyssa Warner: 

“I’m hoping the new guys will help. I like the first two lines. I love Andre [Burakovsky] Nicky [Nicklas Backstrom], and Osh [T.J. Oshie] together. Kuzy [Evgeny Kuznetsov], Jake [Jakub Vrana], and Ovi [Alex Ovechkin] are really great together, so I’m hoping that those lines will help. The defense is struggling a little bit but I’m hoping [Barry] Trotz will continue to switch it up until something works. Calling Madison [Bowey] up hopefully will help while Nisky [Matt Niskanen] is out, but I’m hoping they’ll go far. I think playoffs and then if we play Pittsburgh, you never know.” – Alyssa.

P.S.: She’s a great follow on Instagram. Follow her @loveburkie

Stay tuned for another Word on the Street in the coming weeks. Who knows, we may be talking to you!

By Michael Marzzacco

About Michael Marzzacco

Michael is an avid DC sports fan with a passion for writing. He has followed the Washington Capitals since the 2003-04 season, around the time his enthusiasm for DC teams really began. It was from the days when they had the worst record in the league to when they became the most exciting team in the area. His Dad took him to his first Caps game a couple of years later. One of his favorite memories was being in the stands during the 2015 Winter Classic where Troy Brouwer scored the game-winning goal with 12 seconds left. Michael graduated from Radford University in May 2016, earning a degree in journalism and focusing on sports journalism and broadcasting. His goal is to work in sports media in Washington, D.C.
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