Jonas Siegenthaler Scores First Goal in Hershey Bears OT Loss (Photos)

HERSHEY, PA – The Bears almost notched their first win Sunday evening in Hershey. The boys held a one goal lead for more than a period, but would eventually chase the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, who took a three goal lead. The Bears fought back to tie the game, but couldn’t seal the deal in overtime or the shootout. This game was intense and pretty fun to watch. The rest of the Phantoms and Bears’ match ups should be exciting. 

Some things never change. Zach Sill and Riley Barber pushing each other in warmups.

The junior player of the game’s name was Patrick Kane. Of course, he’s reppin’ the 88.

Oh, fancy meeting you here.

Chris Bourque gets the Bears on the board.

Fly, Liam, Fly. You can tell by the crowd reaction that this was an intense moment.

Siegenthaler may not look happy, but he just notched his first goal in the AHL.

The puck slips in the net off a shot from Colby Williams.

I always love how they rest of the team picks up Chris Bourque in these huddles.

Parker Milner makes a save on Corbin Knight in the shoot out.

By Tori Hartman

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5 Responses to Jonas Siegenthaler Scores First Goal in Hershey Bears OT Loss (Photos)

  1. Diane Doyle says:

    Siegenthaler’s goal — a bright sport in a crappy week for the Bears. It could be ugly until Vanacek and Copley are back. Or some young goalies will be stronger after baptism by fire.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jon Sorensen says:

    Nice shots (again), Tori.

    Liked by 1 person

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