Nicklas Backstrom Talks About Life in Washington, the Playoffs, William Nylander and the Olympics

In an interview with Swedish news outlet Expressen, Washington Capitals’ star centerman Nicklas Backstrom talks about life in Washington, the current status of the Capitals, Williams Nylander and the upcoming Winter Olympics. The interview has been translated to English.

On living in Washington:
“Washington is a nice city to live in, for the family as well. We thrive where we live, it’s in a quiet and nice area. Close to all the amenities. It’s pretty quiet for us, and it doesn’t take that long to go to the ice rink, as I’ve heard that it is for some of the other players in the NHL.”

On last year’s playoffs:
“It feels like we … especially in game seven against Pittsburgh, let the other team go out and take the game for themselves, and we sat back, trying not to make mistakes.”

It feels like you have a team that can succeed in the playoffs?
“We had it anyway, now I do not know how it will be this year, but at the same time it feels like anything can happen when it comes to the playoffs. The league is balanced. An eighth seed can knock out the first team. It is totally different hockey in the playoffs as well, and that’s what makes hockey so fun too.”

On good friend William Nylander
“Yes, he is absolute. He has all the pieces of the puzzle to get it done. It feels like he’s an all-round player who grabs a lot for himself, and that is important in today’s hockey. He did a really nice job in the World Cup tournament and he will only get better. It was his first real season last winter, and he’ll grow into an even better player than he already is.”

On the upcoming Winter Olympics
“It would be fun to play the Olympics. But we’ll just have to wait and see….But I feel like everyone should go, or not. That’s what I feel, but at the same time, it’s positive to have an owner who is on the players’ side.”

You can access the original article here.

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    Good interview and interesting points Nicky made

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