Reports: Alex Ovechkin’s Mother-In-Law Passed Away

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Vera Glagoleva, the mother of Alex Ovechkin’s wife Nastya, passed away Wednesday morning at the age of 61. The cause of death is reported to be cancer according to a Russian news outlet. Another Russian outlet mentioned that it was an oncological disease. The rumors of the cancer were denied back in May and until the death, Vera was receiving treatment in the U.S. 

The article from is in the Russian language but translated below:

It is reported that the cause of death could be cancer, and until the last day Vera Glagoleva was on treatment in the US.

Rumors did not go for a month, and in May of this year, Vera Vitalievna denied them: “I do not know anything about this at all. Fortunately, I feel great”.

One of the last photos of the mother with her daughter Anastasia Shubskaya was made on June 22. Nastya wrote in the instagram: “With my very self at the opening ceremony of the 39th Moscow International Film Festival.”

Now under this message – hundreds of woeful reviews:

“Shock … Hold on, girl.”

“Please accept my sincere condolences. Rest in peace”.

“I can not believe that she left so early. I loved this actress very much. ”

“A talented and charming woman was your mother, I always liked her sincerity and simplicity. Very sorry…”

Vera Glagoleva in her youth engaged in archery, became a master of sports. She played for the youth team of Moscow and did not think about the career of the actress.

She acted in film in 1974 – right after graduation. In the film “To the End of the World” got by accident, but quickly learned the text, behaved very naturally and was approved for the main role.

Then Glagolova, like the actress, had 47 more films, including “To marry the captain”, “Sincerely yours”, “Sunday Dad”.

Another six films as a director, scriptwriter, producer. Vera Vitalievna was a very talented creative person.

Vera Glagoleva did not like to give interviews, but she told her husband about her husband Alexandra Ovechkin with pleasure (“MK” interview before her birthday):

“I’m very happy for Nastya, because Sasha Ovechkin is a very worthy person. He is also called Alexander the Great. I believe that he is really a unique hockey player – and at the same time so sincere, there is no star in him at all. Not at all! All our children, grandchildren love him madly. He somehow fits neatly into our family. And I’m happy that they have such genuine relations with Nastya. I do not even jinx it, I’ll tell you honestly.

We often fly all together to America, a big family, we go to all the matches of the Washington Capitals. We are now fans from small to large, because the little ones are also sitting on the rostrum in red T-shirts with the name “Ovechkin” on their backs and with Sasha’s number eight. Grandchildren at all games were.

And here in Moscow, I have already conditioned reflex: at three o’clock in the morning we get up and watch hockey. They have it seven in the evening. And when there are no matches and you do not have to wake up, you think: oh, how pitiful! When Sasha scores incredible washers, and the whole hall rises, and all the fans – in red T-shirts, I like it very much. Pride of some kind for our hero. ”

This summer Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Shubskaya played a wedding in Moscow. Vera Vitalievna still had time to see this

End translation.

You can read the official story here.

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Here is an excerpt from another story from another Russian outlet (, translated in English: 

Back in late May, the media reported on the serious problems of Vera Glagoleva with health. According to preliminary data, it was an oncological disease. Initially, it was reported that the actress died in the US, but the actress’s husband Cyril Shubsky in an interview with Zvezda denied this information. Now the question of transporting the body to Russia is solved, where it must be buried.

As the telegram channel Mash reports, Glagoleva’s relatives and friends were asked not to disturb them and give them time to come to their senses.

“Our beloved, unique and unique,” Shubskaya wrote in Instagram today, “There are no words and no strength. You are near and we feel it.”

Alexander also expressed condolences. “Our beloved Vera Vitalievna … It is impossible to believe and realize! We love you and will always love you!” – Ovechkin wrote on his official page in Instagram.

Full story here.

All of us at Nova Caps send our condolences to Alex, his wife Nastya and both sides of the family. Thoughts and prayers are with you all.

By Michael Marzzacco

About Michael Marzzacco

Michael is an avid DC sports fan with a passion for writing. He has followed the Washington Capitals since the 2003-04 season, around the time his enthusiasm for DC teams really began. It was from the days when they had the worst record in the league to when they became the most exciting team in the area. His Dad took him to his first Caps game a couple of years later. One of his favorite memories was being in the stands during the 2015 Winter Classic where Troy Brouwer scored the game-winning goal with 12 seconds left. Michael graduated from Radford University in May 2016, earning a degree in journalism and focusing on sports journalism and broadcasting. His goal is to work in sports media in Washington, D.C.
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  1. Sarah Bennett says:

    Very sorry to learn of this tragic news. My deepest sympathy to the Ovechkin family. Blessings to you all.

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