Reader’s Poll: Which is the Best Capitals Uniform of All-Time?

Photo: The NHL

The Capitals have been known to wear some of the freshest uniforms in the NHL. We wanted to ask our readers, which uniform is the best of all time? Please vote at the end of the article. 

The first

The jerseys the Capitals wore during their first 20 seasons in the NHL. The uniforms included white pants for a brief period in the very first season.

The eagle


The Capitals switched to a more vicious look from 1996 through 2002. Just look at that eagle and his talon. It was these very jerseys the Capitals sported in their first (and so far) only Stanley Cup finals appearance.

The black ones with the Capitol building

The black jerseys were first alternates that made their debut in 1998. Two seasons later they became the road jerseys until a rule change in 2003 made them the home jerseys.

Rock the Red Era


Photo: Ellen Blanchard

The Capitals switched back to red just prior to the 2007-08 season. It came in good time, too. Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals made the playoffs and Verizon Center went from empty seats to a big sea of red.

Winter Classic 2011 and Third jersey til 2015


The Capitals brought back the old school look in time for their first ever outdoor game where they defeated the Penguins in Pittsburgh. They also wore it at a home game that honored Dino Ciccarelli. During the season after, the Capitals wore these for their third jerseys and would continue to do so through the end of the 2014-15 season.

Winter Classic 2015


When Washington, D.C. hosted the Winter Classic, the Capitals went with an even more retro look from DC hockey clubs that were around before the team’s existence. This design is a big W with “Capitals” written across it. During that game, the Capitals got that big W with Troy Brouwer’s heroics. The only other time this jersey was worn was during the regular season finale that year against the Rangers.

Third Jerseys from the last two seasons

These jerseys brought back that old school Capitals look. These jerseys were third jerseys the Capitals wore from 2015 through 2017. Unfortunately, we won’t see these fresh unis this season as the new jersey outfitter, Adidas, wants teams to only have home and away jerseys.

What do you think, Caps fans?


By Michael Marzzacco

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4 Responses to Reader’s Poll: Which is the Best Capitals Uniform of All-Time?

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  2. Very sad we won’t see those third jerseys next season

  3. Jon Sorensen says:

    Looks like the very first and very last unis seem to be the favorites.

  4. Bob Ashlock says:

    Hate those post office jerseys with the eagle in addition to the black jerseys.

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