Current Odds for Each Team Winning The 2017-2018 Stanley Cup

Because it’s never too early to place a bet on hockey (at least in the eyes of Vegas bookies), odds are out for each team to win the 2017-2018 Stanley Cup. The following table averages odds at 10 different sports books.

Our regular reminder, odds reflect how people are betting and are not a formal ranking of how good teams are expected to be. The more money that is bet on a team, the better the betting odds for that team to win the cup.

From Reddit: r/hockey

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3 Responses to Current Odds for Each Team Winning The 2017-2018 Stanley Cup

  1. Jon Sorensen says:

    A lot of early money on the Oilers. Not surprised.

  2. Penguins, Oilers and Capitals in the top three

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