NHL 18 Beta Testing Includes 3-on-3 Feature

Graphic: EA Sports

EA Sports recently released a closed beta for NHL 18, the latest installment of the popular hockey video game. The beta will give gamers on Xbox One and Playstation 4 the chance to test out three different modes from July 25-Aug. 1. 

3-on-3 overtime hockey was one of the many storylines over the last two seasons and NHL 18 looks like they’ll be incorporating that feature not just in overtime, but perhaps full 3-on-3 action during the duration of the entire game.

EA Sports said in a statement:

“Bringing authentic NHL 3-on-3 overtime to EA Sports Hockey League, you can now choose to play 3-on-3 full matches, opening up more ice for you and your teammates to get creative, pull off big plays, and showcase brand new skill moves. With more space to attack – and to make mistakes – 3-on-3 EASHL is higher stakes with more competition and skills.”

Close your eyes and imagine watching a Caps game with just three skaters on the ice for each team plus each goaltender. How cool would it be to watch that skills display not just for a five-minute (give or take) sudden death overtime, but for a full 60-minute game as well? That’s pretty much what you’ll get with that mode.

If arcade-style sports video games are your forte, the NHL 18 beta also includes “NHL Threes”. This format will turn off offside calls and penalties will give a player a chance at a penalty shot.

The beta also includes EA Sports Hockey League which is a mode where you can control a single player instead of a full team as well as Online Versus Play mode.

Even though the beta testing is closed, EA’s NHL account tweeted out ways you can get codes so it might not be too late. NHL 18 will hit the stores on Sept. 15.


By Michael Marzzacco

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