Breaking – The Utterly Uncharmed Life of Stan Galiev

HERSHEY, PA – Stan Galiev, the sometimes dynamic Russian whose hockey career in North America had more twists and turns than an old country road, just got sucker punched again – this time by the KHL.

Galiev, as we have often noted, struggled mightily to make it to the NHL and once he did, there was precious little ice time. As his contract with the Capitals expired, word came that he was planning to return home to the KHL (this after rumors that he asked to be traded before the trade deadline failed to lead to him landing with a different club). Last week, it was reported that he had plenty of KHL offers, but it appears that life has once again found a way to best Galiev.

On Tuesday (ironically, our Independence Day), the KHL officially took action against Dynamo Moscow since the team had not been meeting its financial obligations to the players. In all, 42 players, who had been part of the team, were told they were unrestricted free agents.

It is unclear why Galiev would sign with Dynamo – certainly the debt problem was well-known. Oddly, the move that was supposed to salvage his career has left him “homeless” once again.

We will continue to monitor this developing situation closely and report any new information as it becomes available. For now, it appears as though Galiev is once again in limbo. If we’ve learned anything from his career to date it is that he’s probably getting pretty used to these things.

UPDATE – 7/5/2017 4:15 PM EST

As strange as it may seem, the situation keeps getting a bit odder. Galiev apparently does not have an agreement with Dynamo (before or after the KHL stepped in), but they still own the rights to him from before he began playing in North America.

At this point, Galiev has not signed with a team in the KHL and is unable to do so at this time. It is unclear why his rights with the “Old Dynamo” entity did not transfer or get cancelled. Galiev was one of a handful of players whose situation was not addressed by the KHL Disciplinary Committee.

By Julie Beidler

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6 Responses to Breaking – The Utterly Uncharmed Life of Stan Galiev

  1. Gary Milstead says:

    Stan, Lesson, don’t sign with a team that can’t pay you. (Da! )


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