What’s the Fouss? Another Bizarre Coach Split: Why Did the Coyotes and Dave Tippett Break Apart the Day Before the NHL Draft?

Dave Tippett
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On Thursday evening, the Arizona Coyotes decided to mutually part ways with Head Coach Dave Tippett.  Tippett has been the Head Coach of the Coyotes since 2009.  Despite several seasons without making the playoffs, Tippett finished with a respectable 282-257-83 record with the team.

So, what was the reason for Dave Tippett and the Coyotes separating the night before the NHL Draft?  Let’s look at some Tweets:


It looks like there were some contractual issues and some philosophical issues between Tippett and new Coyotes owner Andrew Barroway.

Since Tippett has been in Arizona, there have many questions surrounding the franchise’s ownership and there have been newer issues dealing with their arena situation.  Tippett has not always had the best rosters to work with, but he has shown that he is a players’ coach, and he is a very strong teacher and communicator on the bench.


It is rather uncommon for an NHL Head Coach to be fired the evening before the NHL Draft.

It appears that the Coyotes also continue to cut corners financially, and unfortunately, they lose good people in return.  I am not one that will accuse a franchise of being unstable, but this situation in Arizona does not seem like it is good right now.

Another thing that I have noticed in this situation in Arizona is that owner Andrew Barroway seems very involved with day-to-day operations.  It has been reported that Coyotes GM John Chayka did not want to lose Tippett and it seems the final decision came down to Barroway.


In most instances, NHL Head Coaches will have some input during the Draft meetings.  Each coach usually has types of players in mind that they believe will be a good fit in the club.

Since Tippett is now out of the picture, the Coyotes will go to the Draft without a Coach.  With no Coach, they will likely draft players that may or may not fit with their new Coach’s style.  I do not think it is healthy for a club to go into the Draft without a Head Coach.  One would think these issues might be worked out right after the season ends.  If the Coyotes were going to let Tippett go anyway, they should have let him go earlier, and then have found a new coach before the NHL Draft.

The Coyotes should not have let their in-house differences carry all the way to the evening before the NHL Draft.  In addition to the philosophical differences, I hope the Coyotes have the financial resources to stick around in Arizona.  With their attendance figures not doing well, one can only wonder if hockey will stick around much longer in the desert.

By: George Foussekis

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