Conference Call With TJ Oshie – “My Family Loves it Here”

Coming fresh off his pay day of an eight-year deal paying him $46 million, Oshie took some time out to talk to the press. Understandably so, he was all joy and geared up to wear the red for the foreseeable future. 

“Everything worked out exactly how I wanted it to,” Oshie stated off the bat. “Slim chance I go through this again.” he said with a laugh. In his voice you could hear the relief of finding some stability. “Security and not worrying about security is nice”, he followed by saying he can now focus on his game and make some goals.

When asked what went into his decision to stick with Washington he said a “couple factors…one was a place having a chance at a Cup, another is that my family is comfortable.” Family security was huge to him. On multiple occasions he mentioned his loved ones and how important it was for them to be okay with his decision. “With flying colors, Washington checks off the list for my family being comfortable.”

He took time to talk about the team as a whole and how they felt about leaving the playoffs too early. “Right away we weren’t sure [how Caps felt], so many emotions, didn’t know what I wanted to do. Settled down and I knew I wanted Washington.” The disappointment didn’t stop Oshie from knowing what the Caps are capable of. On multiple occasions he mentioned their ability to win a Cup. He backed it up with a bold statement, “No doubt in my mind we will win a Cup in the next couple years.”

Oshie admitted that when he was traded from St. Louis to Washington two summers ago he was down, but quickly learned it was well worth it. “I don’t know if it was a change of scenery, or the coaching staff, or teammates, but it’s been a new opportunity for my offense in Washington.” With the new coaching staff he felt “freed up” to go out there and play his game. That resulted in his back to back career high in goals.

One thing he took into consideration before signing his big new contract was whether  his cap hit would affect the team. He wanted to be sure he didn’t take too much that would stop the team from building into another Cup contender. “We’re going to have a different look, but for the most part the nucleus is still there. A really good nucleus.” He used the word “nucleus” quite a bit, indicating that as long as you have Ovechkin, Backstrom, Holtby, and the other main stays that the Caps will always have a chance to win.

That’s all Oshie had to say about his new contract. What to take away most is that he believes in the Caps future and knows he can be a big part of it. Washington was generous to him and his family and he fully plans on repaying them back with a Cup.

General Manager Brian MacLellan
Capitals General Manager Brian MacLellan meet with the media during round one of the draft in Las Vegas.

By Luke Adomanis

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