Just How Far Will “a la carte” Ticket Pricing Go?

Would you pay more money for a game ticket if it included a ride to the arena with your favorite player? Or, would you fork over more cash for a gold pass that would allow you to interview a player after a game? Well, the opportunity to purchase these types of experiences may not be as far-fetched as they seem. 

Sports organizations continue to re-write the book on “value-added pricing”, offering new and exciting ways to experience a sporting event – at a cost, of course.

Long gone are the days of a single ticket price for a sporting event and gone are the days of tiered ticket-pricing based on seat location in an arena or stadium. Sports ownership is continuously looking for ways to maximize the value of existing facilities, properties, and personnel.

For the last decade, the trend of “a la cart pricing” has taken over the sports world. This “added value” commodity allows fans to purchase a wide array of additional perks or experiences in addition to their game ticket.

Game experiences have already been expanded to “game-day” experiences, reaching far and wide away from the arena. Some of the current options available at various NHL arenas include:

Express arena entry
Pre-game warm-up experiences including the penalty box
Zamboni rides during intermission
Morning skate experiences
Pre-game meals with players
Sign a one day contract with a team
Marriage proposal packages
Facility tours
Road trips with the teams
Sit with the teams during the game
Photos of fans during the game

This, coupled with dynamic and variable ticket pricing strategies, just might give rise to a day when each individual ticket is configured to meet individual preferences, with no two tickets looking or costing the same. But how far is this going to go?

Some other ideas for potential value-added pricing could include:
We decided to look into the NoVa Caps crystal ball and conjure up a few ticket options we’d like to see in the coming years. Prices TBD.

Dog Walking Service With Jay Beagle
Capitals centerman Jay Beagle will lend his services by taking you and your furry friend for a nice walk around your town. Jay will take the lead, stopping off at various times to clean up any messes as well as giving water to the pooch should they need it. Daniel Winnik and Karl Alzner will also bring their dogs along for the fun.

Chauffeur Service With Backstrom
Get a taste of the pampered life as Capitals Center Nicklas Backstrom will be your personal chauffeur. He will drive you in his rented limo to wherever you need or want to go. He will be doing all this with a smile on his face, never once complaining about the task or how he was never nominated for the Selke.

Civil War Reenactment With Johansson
Get your musket ready! You’ll be hitting the battlefield with Marcus Johansson. Marcus will let you borrow some of his civil war appropriate attire. You’ll be appointed his “Aide-de- camp” as you and over 100 professionals reenact the “Battle of Funkstown”. Say goodbye to MoJo and greetings to General Jebediah G. Westington.

Grillin’ With Ovechkin
Fire up that grill! The Capitals Captain, Alex Ovechkin, will go to your house and grill during a backyard BBQ. He won’t move from in front of the grill at all, although he will put up some great PPGs (Pounds Per Grilling). People will comment how he doesn’t move from that one spot, but just wait until they taste that grilled corn!

Braden Holtby Will Water Your Plants
Vezina winner Braden Holtby will be H2Oing your plants! Braden will drive to your residence and water your house plants. He will bring his own water as he just squirts and spits water all over your abode, hopefully rehydrating your azaleas. Braden, dressing in full goalie gear, will be available for an additional fee.

Brooks Orpik Will Binge Watch A Show With You
Put on some comfy clothes as you’ll be heading to Brooks Orpik‘s house to binge watch any show of your choice. Like The Office? Brooks loves Dwight Schrute. Want to finally see Lost? Brooks has seen them all and won’t spoil a thing. Are you a big Game Of Thrones fan? Brooks doesn’t care for it, but it’s up to you what you two will watch. Healthy snacks will be provided by the Orpik Family.

Dancing Lessons With Kuznetsov
Turn up that music! You’ll be getting dance lessons from Evgeny Kuznetsov. He will be teaching you many different styles including salsa, flamenco, breakdance, and that bird one he did in the playoff game against Pittsburgh. Afterwards you and Kuzy will be entered into a local dance competition to try to save a struggling rec center. Good luck!

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By Jon Sorensen

About Jon Sorensen

Jon has been a Caps fan since day one, attending his first game at the Capital Centre in 1974. His interest in the Caps has grown over the decades and included time as a season ticket holder. He has been a journalist covering the team for 10+ years, primarily focusing on analysis, analytics and prospect development.
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