Catfished by PenBC and the PenHL?

editorial Perception is reality. There are two sides to every story. The list of trite clichés that can be used, rather adeptly, to describe Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals is as endless as it is boring. Suffice it to say, everyone outside of Pittsburgh, and perhaps the hometowns of the Penguin players ran the gamut of emotions from disbelief to furious.
PenBC and Pierresburgh – Let’s face it, besides Pittsburgh, no other team can garner the “homer” coverage like the Penguins. It’s so laughable that Doc Emrick actually had to apologize during the first period, taking the blame, for the profanity that was aired in the ever so lengthy pre-game from the Nashville locker room. Seriously? Nobody in production thought to view that or listen to it prior to airing it? Doc had to apologize? How about PenBC taking it upon themselves to do so, not sending out one of their more beloved broadcasters?

Fittingly, not long after, came the “off-sides” call. Honestly, in looking at the video shown on PenBC, it looked inconclusive at best. How in the world, with the state-of-the-art equipment available, was that grainy, over-pixilated enlargement even remotely clear? Cue the Social Media outrage – of course the War Room either didn’t look at it because it led to a Nashville score OR, even better, it was the NHL’s way of getting back at Nashville for Peter Laviolette’s gaffe that just happened to be filmed and aired – um, maybe stay the heck out of the locker rooms?

Shortly after PK Subban’s goal was disallowed, Pierresburgh became better known as Flopsburgh. It seems as though when Patric Hornqvist, who goes 5’11” and 189 pounds, would get checked by Calle Jarnkrok, who is also 5’11”, but only 156 pounds, he Should – Not – Fall – Over! That is if he actually gets hit by Jarnkrok.

Needless to say, Social Media lit up with everything from anti-Pittsburgh and anti-NHL rhetoric to conspiracy theories. Here are some comments.

And to add to the absurdity, a guy actually got tossed from the game for throwing a catfish onto the ice. What would possess anyone to bring a dead catfish hidden in one’s clothing to a game? Well, Nashville fans, you certainly did get “Catfished” in Game 1.

Of course, not everyone was upset by the outcome. Yes, there are some Penguin fans out there. Nobody knows if they jumped on the proverbial band wagon in recent years, but there were a few, albeit harder to find, posts on Twitter that were somewhat entertaining.

Game 2 is set for tonight and hopefully the better team wins. It remains to be seen if the same “prejudice” for the reigning champs continues or if the underdogs can rise up and overcome. Anything is possible, I mean David did beat Goliath and Rocky, well…

By Julie Beidler


Memes by Doug Lorman

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5 Responses to Catfished by PenBC and the PenHL?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it! Glad Caps fans aren’t the only ones who notice it and I am not crazy. Eff Pierre, how he ever got hired to an assistant coaching position by the Pens is beyond me and than the MORONS at PeNBC decide to put him between the glass? Of course I don’t think he’s ever been assigned a different SCP game unless then pens were off that night, be curious to find out how many pens games he calls for PeNBC every year?

  2. Anonymous says:

    No sense getting upset…We all know Lemieux sold his soul to the devil.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pierre has won a Stanley Cup. What has Washington won? SALT.

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