2017 Rookie Tournament Schedule Announced


As previously noted in “Off-season Dates to Remember” the Washington Capitals announced officially that they will host a four-team rookie tournament at Germain Arena in Estero, Florida. In addition to Caps rookies, Tampa Bay and Nashville will once again participate in the four-day event that begins September 9. 


The tournament will be round-robin style with each team facing the other three teams once. As of now, the roster and further information is not available, but the schedule has been posted and is listed below.

September 9 – Florida vs. Washington – 1 p.m.

September 9 – Nashville vs. Tampa Bay – 4:30 p.m.

September 10 – Tampa Bay vs. Washington – 1 p.m.

September 10 – Nashville vs. Florida – 4:30 p.m.

September 12 – Washington vs. Nashville – 10 a.m.

September 12 – Florida vs. Tampa Bay – 2 p.m.

As with last season, the event is expected to be free and open to the public.

By Julie Beidler


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