Hershey Bears Practice Before Traveling to Providence (Photos)

After a well-deserved day off yesterday, the Hershey Bears were back on the ice at the Old Barn following their big OT win on Sunday. It was a full house for practice with a few prospects in Hershey to get a taste of pro hockey. It’s exciting to see some new faces in the chocolate and white. It’s a fun time in the hockey season. 

Tom Gilbert in the baby blues after being an injury scratch last game.

Making it snow.

Eyes always on the puck.

We never get to see him, but Adam Morrison is with the team, too.

He still gets the same treatment as the other goalies, like some excessive celebration on goals he allows.


Coach Mann drawing up the next drill.

Lucas Johansen working hard against Liam O’Brien.

Sitting with all of his friends over there.

Team Black devises up a plan.

With healthy competition comes some healthy celebration.

Super chill Zach Sill.

Pretty smiley today.

And the Czechs are just hanging out, staring lovingly at each other.

Lucas Johansen leads the stretches at the end of practice.

Great job leading us there, Lucas.

A playoff goatee? I guess Liam didn’t want to go blonde.

Coach Mann’s media session following practice:

By: Tori Hartman
F0llow @ToriHartman_

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