Hershey Bears Rally for a Comeback (Photos)

Holy Game Two Bears’ fans! What a thriller! I wasn’t sure that the boys could outdo Game One’s OT winner, but outdo themselves they did. The Hershey Bears rallied from a 4-2 deficit to win 5-4. Chris Bourque had two goals on the night, including the gamewinner with a little over 30 seconds left in the third. When you need big goals, Chris Bourque is your guy. Get ready for some photos of happy Bears. 🙂 

O’Brien preppin’ for the game.

No, the Bears didn’t just score. They’re just happy to shove each other in warm ups.

Jakub Vrana is a ham.

Yoga with Riley Barber

Mitchy shoots the puck in for the gang-up-on-the-goalie goal.

Chris Bourque scored the goal, so he had to make sure Vitek knew it.

Phantoms’ T.J. Brennan taunts Garrett Mitchell, but won’t fight him.

So, they had a lovely chat from their respective penalty boxes.

Stan the Man sneaks one by Alex Lyon.


I think that’s the most emotion I’ve ever seen out of Riley Barber. He’s pretty stoked, huh?

Things weren’t looking too hot in the first. It seemed like the penalty box was full all period.

Pheonix Copley making backwards saves. He doesn’t even need to look at you. 😉

Guys, how about Travis Boyd? He’s pretty good.

Christian DJOOOOOOSSSS ties the game at 2-2 in the second.

Riley Barber wants you to hurry up on this controlled breakout. Let’s go.

Nathan Walker will get to the front of the net.

A close one almost sneaks under Pheonix’s right leg.

Here smell my glove.

Tyler Lewington’s shot from the blue line goes behind Martin Ouellette, who came in after Phantoms’ starting goalie Alex Lyon got injured.

Liam O’Brien jumps in to hug Lewington after his game tying goal.

With 33 seconds left in the third, Chris Bourque scores to put the Bears up 5-4.

And he celebrated all the way across the ice. I’m sure Phantoms’ fans loved it.

The bench reaction after Bourque’s goal.

Pheonix wants to celebrate in the goal hug too.

The Bears hold on for the rest of the period, putting them up 2-0 on the best of five series against the Phantoms.

I think we all want to give Pheonix a hug.

By: Tori Hartman
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