Personal Trainer Andreas Öhgren Helping His Capitals Clients During the Playoffs

The Capitals are very fortunate to have some of the best Swedish players in the NHL on their team in Nicklas Backstrom, Marcus Johansson, and Andre Burakovsky. All three have amazing puck-handling skills and can make plays with the best of them. But behind their top-notch fitness and health is personal trainer Andreas Öhgren, who has a number of high-profile clients around the NHL. 

Andreas has been traveling with the Capitals during their first round series against the Toronto Maple Leafs of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs, making sure the Caps’ three Super Swedes are in their best shape for each and every game.

According to Henrik Sjoberg of Extressen Hockey, in Sweden, Öhgren has played a huge role in the conditioning of the Caps’ Swedish stars.

“He makes our body feel as good as possible, and always gives us the treatments we need”, said the 29-year old Backstrom, who started working with Öhgren two years ago.

Johansson also began training with Öhgren at the same time as a result of some back issues he had been dealing with and he, too, had nothing but good things to say about the successful trainer, whose treatments and exercises have healed the former first-round pick’s issues. “It’s nice to have that security now, and knowing that we can relax between the games and do everything right to be as ready as we can when it’s time for the games”.

Ohgren is no stranger to traveling to the United States to work with the Capitals’ stars either.

According to Öhgren himself, he traveled abroad five times to help Johansson fix his back. And according to Johansson, Öhgren is somewhat of a regular visitor to the States as well. “I guess there are some other players that have their trainers here sometimes, however, not as much as we do”, when asked if other members of the team had their trainers work with them in the District (talk about dedication).

So next time one watches Backstrom, Johansson, or Burakovsky make a stellar play on the ice, they can thank the man behind their physical condition that makes every play they make possible.

**Thanks to Sofie Bengtsson for helping translate the original article!**

Photos from Andreas Öhgren

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