De Ja Vu, Braden Holtby Collides with a Teammate at Practice


For the second year in a row during a practice prior to Game 4 in the first round, Braden Holtby was involved in a collision. Last year it happened with an unidentified teammate while the team was in Philadelphia and he would later tell reporters over the offseason that he sustained an injury on the incident. Today it happened at the Caps’ Morning Skate as they prepare for tonight’s Game 4 in Toronto

Marcus Johansson accidentally ran into Holtby during a drill and knocked him over. Holby was down for about 20 seconds and everybody was quiet. He would later get up no problem.

Both Johansson and Holtby confirmed that the Caps main netminder is okay.

If it really is de ja vu in the first round that could be a good thing for the Capitals. Last season, they took care of the Flyers in six games. This year, they have a shot in advancing past the Maple Leafs in six games if they win their next three.

By Michael Marzzacco

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