Barry Trotz Makes Request of Caps Fans


 CSN’s Capitals pregame show, which aired before Sunday’s game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, aired a clip of an interview by Jill Sorensen with Head Coach Barry Trotz.  In it, Trotz made a direct appeal to Caps fans: Don’t be nervous, and bring positive vibes and energy to the team

Trotz referred to fans’ nervousness — and current Caps coaches and players’ having to address questions about the Caps’ history, most of which precedes their arrival — as “clutter,” in the sense that it doesn’t help the team focus on the goal at hand.

Trotz’s concern highlights an increasingly prevalent issue, as most sports franchises have now been around long enough for lifetime and multi-generational fans. Meanwhile, coaches have a shorter leash to produce, and players often move on from their original club in order to earn more money through free agency; the salary cap further exacerbates the issue, because often clubs cannot afford to retain valuable players, so there is more player movement.

As far as Coach’s Trotz requests, I’m not nervous this season, and I explained why a fortnight ago here. in case this helps any of you.  The Caps’ history — and the blood, sweat and tears that all Caps fans have given for as long as they have supported the club — doesn’t go away, but we can all be positive and supportive of the club and each season’s Capitals team roster.  We are fully behind the 2016-17 Caps team!

We need a loud and rockin’ Verizon Center whether we’re ahead or behind in the game. Support the Caps vociferously at all arenas, and let’s deliver on Trotz’s request of positive vibes and energy.

By Tim Foisie

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6 Responses to Barry Trotz Makes Request of Caps Fans

  1. Dan says:

    STANLEY ’17

  2. Michael Mannix says:

    Between Barry asking us not to be nervous and Alan May blaming the fans (during the pregame last night) for a playoff loss to Montreal in 2010, I am wondering why the team wants to start the “blame game” before we even enter the playoffs. I have been going to Caps games for 40 years and don’t need anyone to tell me how to feel going into the playoffs.

  3. Phyllis says:

    I am totally positive and chastise my husband every time he groans or sighs. He is mostly positive;but has his throw back moments. Go CAPS

  4. JAF says:

    I have followed the caps since their first season. Worked at the Capitol Ctr the first three years and will continue to support them through the good and the bad times. There will be highs and lows throughout the playoffs but in my opinion this is our best team to hoist the cup. We’re more balanced from front to back and better coached than precious years. I predict that our goaltending will be challenged in a few early games and Grubie will make the difference and steal a few games that will be make the difference

  5. JAF says:

    This teams fan base like it or not has always been a fair weather based group. Win and they can do no wrong get behind in a series and there ready to walk. Hockey is a game of the slimmest margins and as a player every edge especially home team advantage can make the difference. One example Larry Murphy was run out of town by the fans because he wasn’t a physical defenseman. Drafted 4th overall 4 time cup winner hall of famer and was considered an innovative player who changed the way the game was played by a defenseman. He went on to play for two teams that knocked us out of two series and win the cup.

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