Hershey Bears Earn Back-to-Back Wins Against Hartford (Photos)

First things first, the Hershey Bears are still in fourth place! Friday and Saturday’s victories over the Hartford Wolf Pack definitely help the Bears in the standing, but there is no doubt Sunday’s matchup against the fifth place Bridgeport Sound Tigers is the big game of the weekend. The Bears magic number is down to 25, so let’s all send our good vibes to Bridgeport and get that number down even further. Go Bears! 


Hey, who’s the new guy? Madison Bowey returns to the lineup after getting injured back in December!

Christian Thomas is so excited Madison is back.

Riley Barber is so excited that Madison is back he had to push him and Zach Sill into the glass.

Liam O’Brien isn’t happy Madison is back, though. Just kidding he just found out guac costs extra.

When you’re out with your boys and a pretty girl walks in. (No? I’ll go home)

Would it be warm ups if Zach Sill isn’t pesting the goalies?

Aaron Ness misses the gang-up-on-the-goalie goal.

It’s ok because he just got it now.

I think he was just excited to get it because it bothers Thomas.

Smelling. Salts.

Garrett Mitchell’s face.


This little Swedish scoring machine had 2 goals and 2 assists in Friday’s matchup.

Hugs for Djoos!

But there were even more hugs for Djoos when he scored the gamewinner in OT.

Lots of hugs for Djoos.

I love Madison celebrating on his way to the hug.

It’s good to see Madison Bowey celebrating out there again.

The official team high fiver is back!

Sometimes he sneaks in hugs though.

Welcome back, Madison.

I’ve never seen a player lob a stick into the crowd, but Travis Boyd did.

He seems pretty pleased about it.


ICYMI: check out my post on the artist that creates theses cool masks.

Pheonix Copley is rocking a new Caps’ mask.

An extreme close up just in case you wanted to see Vrana’s chin hairs.

Hey Nathan! Nathan! Nathan! Can we have some pucks? (He did toss a bunch over to them then. Hockey players are cool)

Happy Aussie.

The focus on Pheonix’s face.

Candy canes are an essential on his mask.

New Caps’ college signing Hampus Gustafsson made his debut in a Hershey sweater on Saturday.

Focus on the face off.

The panic that must be setting into the Hartford goalie right now.

The face you make when Chris Bourque hits a slapper in your direction.

I’m still happy he’s back.

Paul Carey unleashes the hats.

Making it rain in the GC. (No? I’ll go home again)

Scoring goals and taking names.

During hat cleanup, the Czech besties had a little chat.

What was that? Three goals wasn’t enough for Paul Carey? How about an empty netter, too?

I don’t know is four goals good?

Tyler Lewington mixes it up with Ryan Graves at the end of the game.

And he gets the takedown.

Apparently something was funny about it though. I always wonder what they are laughing at.

This is the way that we all looked at Paul Carey after he scored four goals.

Hubert Labrie had to pick up all the sticks and gloves after the fight, but he still made sure to come out and congratulate Vitek on the win.

Look at this little guy’s face. He’s super amped.

Just another day in the life of number one star and four-goal scorer Paul Carey.

By: Tori Hartman

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