An Emotional Goodbye (for Hershey) – an Open Letter to Jakub Vrana


It was fun while it lasted. No seriously, I’m sure we won’t see you again in Hershey, and I’m quite okay with that as long as you’re Rocking the Red. I’m sure there will be some red #13s at Giant Center soon too, so that’s okay! After all, it means you’re where you belong. Watching you grow up in front of our eyes – that 19-year-old kid who in 13 games (3 regular season and 10 playoff) recorded 11 points, well that was just exciting for Bears fans when you arrived in Hershey in 2015.

Then last year, we all felt for you as you battled through an injury. And we were all amazed that in battling back, you had 8 goals and 6 assists in the Calder Cup run. We could tell you were destined for great things.

And this year? Your 14 goals and 12 assists in 36 games for Hershey along with your enormous potential, well that’s what got you recalled to Washington. Your celebration of the game-winner, your first goal at Verizon Center and second NHL goal of your young career, made us all extremely proud. Truth be told, I’m a little misty-eyed at the moment just thinking about it.


It was a little disconcerting to hear your name mentioned as a possibility for a trade to St. Louis. Certainly Caps and Bears fans are all extremely happy that didn’t happen, especially last night.

You’re where you belong – where you always dreamed of, but I certainly hope you stop and cherish the memories of Hershey that paved the way. You see, once a Bear, always a Bear in our minds. Look back on us fondly, because we’ll keep an eye on you and your career, just as we have done with those whose path you followed.


Remember this? Celebrating with your “brother”

We’ll miss you for sure, but there’s one guy who may just miss you more – Vitek. So here’s a little article to memorialize your antics with him in Hershey. Who could forget last year’s post-game interview where you translated our questions to him after his first AHL win? Heck, who could forget you and Vitek celebrating his first, and subsequent, win this year? Oh, and that interview in the article above? Well, let’s just say the two of you turned the tables on me in that interview faster than I care to admit, but according to your Hershey teammates, it’s one of the things that made playing with you two fun.

So good luck in Washington, Jakub. We know you’re a long way from home, but we’re leaving you in good hands in Washington just as your family left you in good hands with us in Hershey. I, for one, can’t wait to see what else you’ll accomplish. Oh, and if you could score one March 21st, that would be perfect!

By Julie Beidler

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