Hershey Bears Host 4th Annual Hockey ‘N Heels (Photos)


For the fourth year in a row, the Hershey Bears invited 200+ women onto the ice to work on their shooting and passing skills and gave them a chance to see the locker room. 

The ladies went through five different sessions including:

  • Hockey 101 with Broadcaster Zack Fisch and Linesman Bob Goodman
  • Hockey 202 with Head Coach Troy Mann and Video Coach King
  • Shooting with Assistant Coach Reid Cashman, Zach Sill, and Colby Williams
  • Passing with Assistant Coach Ryan Murphy, Christian Thomas, and Ryan Bourque
  • A panel with Chris Bourque, Garrett Mitchell, and VP of Hockey Operations Bryan Helmer
  • A locker room tour with Dan “Beaker” Stuck and Josh Carter

The already knowledgeable hockey ladies learned even more about the game and honed their hockey skills. They should be all set to impress their fellow fans at the games this weekend!

Hockey 101
Hockey 202
img_9757 img_9762 img_9764
Colby Williams demonstrates the perfect pass.
img_9787 img_9800 img_9803 img_9820 img_9829 img_9837 img_9841 img_9854 img_9859 img_9860 img_9864 img_9871 img_9909
On to shooting drills with some Bears.
img_9922 img_9926 img_9942 img_9944 img_9982 img_9984
Garrett Mitchell decides to finally show up for the panel.

When you find out your former assistant coach and current VP of Hockey Operations took figure skating lessons until he was 13
And its just too much to handle.
img_0060 img_0067
A look at Madison Bowey’s kevlar sock that was sliced by an opponent’s skate, causing his injury in Syracuse.
One shoe on, one shoe off pictures
img_0099 img_0104 img_0105 img_0106 img_0107
First rule of the locker room, don’t step on the logo.
img_0110 img_0116 img_0119
When you go for the artsy shot of Sill untying his skates, and he catches you.
img_0120 img_0124
I love that Liam O’Brien’s sticks say Tuna on them.
The pucks from the games the Bears won this season.
img_0130 img_0138
Zach Sill and the boys meeting with the fans.

By: Tori Hartman

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  1. Jessi Artz says:

    This was my first time at The Hockey and Heels event and I enjoyed every second of it!

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