The 2017 Caps Canine Calendar is Available – and so is Toby, an Extremely Sweet Retriever Mix


The 2017 Caps Canine Calendar is now available to purchase with 100% of proceeds benefiting Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. Do you see the cutie in the picture above, no – not our Captain, but the black and white pup he’s holding onto in the picture? That’s Toby and he is still available for adoption! All of the pups from the Caps Canine Calendar shoot who are still available for adoption are featured in this article. 

You can purchase the 2017 Caps Canine Calendar online by clicking here. You can also purchase the calendar during home games at the Verizon Center in the Team Store and at the Kettler IcePlex Team Store. The calendars are $20 each and quantities are limited – so don’t wait, purchase your calendar now! Shipping is an additional $10 to US addresses. 100% of the proceeds of the calendars will benefit Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. Since 2014, the Caps Canine Calendar has raised $114,500 for Homeward Trails Animal Rescue.

The Caps Canine Calendar is produced and coordinated by Karl Alzner’s wife Mandy Alzner. Mandy talks about the calendar, her passion for Homeward Trails, her recruitment of this year’s calendar photographer Daniel Winnik’s wife, Taylor Winnik and more in this video clip narrated by CSN’s Jill Sorenson.

We know many NoVa Caps’ followers are passionate about dogs, and we are too! We wanted to introduce you to the pups from the calendar who are still available for adoption. It’s our hope that you or perhaps someone you know may be interested in bringing one of these dogs into your home. So, please read a bit more about the pups below, and share this article with those who you think may benefit from the love of a dog. We thank you in advance for doing this!


toby-homeward-trails-animal-rescueEarlier this morning, I had the opportunity to visit with Toby at the Homeward Trails Animal Rescue adoption center in Fairfax Station, Virginia. Mark Goodhart, Homeward Trails’ Adoption Center Director not only gave me a tour of the facility, but also introduced me to Toby and shared Toby’s story with me.

Prior to being placed with Homeward Trails, Toby was living in Thailand. Toby is classified as a “Meat Trade Survivor“. Before this morning, I was unaware that in various parts of the world, dogs are being hunted, killed and then sold in “Meat Trades” to countries that eat dog meat as a part of their diet.

Toby was quite shy when I initially greeted him. However, after a few minutes, he warmed right up to me. It took no time at all to determine that Toby is an extremely sweet and docile pup. He quickly appreciated my gentle pets on his ears (look at those ears!) and his face and he continued to nuzzle me for more attention when I stopped. As I looked into Toby’s eyes, I could sense he’s been through a lot and I could also feel he’s ready for a forever home. Isn’t every pup deserving of a forever home?

Toby is a retriever mix and he’s neutered. He weighs approximately 50 lbs and he’s located at the Homeward Trails Adoption Center, 11116 Fairfax Station Road, Fairfax, Virginia 22039. The center is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am-4pm. To meet Toby and or to find out more information about him or the other dogs available for adoption, please contact Homeward Trails at 703.249.5066.

braden-holtby-washington-capitals-canine-calendar-no-4Lil Bit, pictured here with our Netminder, Braden Holtby also remains available for adoption. Lil Bit is a female hound dog mix, she weighs approximately 44 lbs and is about 3 years old.

The staff at Homeward Trails told me that her personality is happy and energetic. They went further to say that Lil Bit is a family friendly dog with lots of energy!

She’s ready for long walks and hiking, and she’s dog park friendly. Her adoption fee will cover the expense of spaying Lil Bit as well as micro-chipping her, and her vaccinations are also included.

For more of the details about Lil Bit please contact Homeward Trails at 703.249.5066.


These three! Apparently our trio of exceptional Russian Capitals – Dmitry Orlov, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Alex Ovechkin were giving Taylor Winnik, Daniel’s wife and photographer of the Caps Canine Calendar, a hard time while she was trying to take their pictures! Regardless of their silliness, she was able to get a great shot of all six in this photograph. And it’s hard to believe that all three of these pups are still looking for forever homes. Sophia, Toby and Okey were rescued with their mother, Fiona from a crowded West Virginia shelter. They are a Sheppard Collie mix and are approximately 4 months old. They are being cared for by foster families while they wait for their new families to find them. If you’d like more information about these pups, please contact Homeward Trails at 703.249.5066.

If you’d like to support Homeward Trails, here are a few ways to do so:

  1. Purchase the Caps Canine Calendar by clicking here.
  2. Make a monetary donation directly to Homeward Trails by clicking here.
  3. Find out more about donating goods to Homeward Trails by clicking here.
  4. Find out more about volunteering at Homeward Trails by clicking here.

Homeward Trails’ Mission Statement: Homeward Trails seeks to find permanent adoptive homes in the Mid-Atlantic Region for dogs and cats from high-kill shelters or whose owners can no longer care for them. In so doing, we seek to reduce the rate of euthanasia of adoptable animals through the rescue and placement of homeless animals; to support proactive spay/neuter practices; to promote positive and ongoing behavioral training; and to educate the public about how to care for their animals in a humane way. Homeward Trails not only facilitates adoptions from local shelters, but also supports a large network of foster care providers who take homeless dogs and cats into their homes, care for them, rehabilitate them when needed, and prepare them for their permanent adoptive homes.

Sadly, without our help, all of these adoptable animals would face almost certain euthanasia – usually within days or hours of our rescuing them. Each year we take in hundreds of wonderful animals who were left at shelters by no fault of their own.

Many are puppies and kittens – innocent victims of irresponsible pet owners who don’t practice spay/neuter. Many are abandoned hunting dogs who served their owners well and were dumped in woods or left at shelters when they were no longer wanted. Many are house pets whose owners simply grew tired of caring for them or moved and did not take them along. And even more are animals that have been injured, abused and neglected. Whatever the reasons, these animals all deserve better. And once with Homeward Trails, they get better!

If you are in the market for a pup or a kitty, please consider visiting and or contacting Homeward Trails to see if they may just have the perfect match for you!

For all that you do, thank you Homeward Trails Animal Rescue! #CapsCanineCalendar

By Beckie Reilly

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