Ovechkin Interview: Olympics: “I Will Go There”, “Maybe I’ll Be Retired” (Video)


The Capitals’ Captain faced more questions today, regarding his intent to play in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. 

And once again, Alex stood firm on his intent. “I WILL go there…”. Ovechkin would continue to say “Maybe I won’t be in the NHL, maybe I’ll be retired.”


Ovechkin has stood firm on his commitment, regardless of a potential NHL ban on the 2018 Olympics. He originally made his intentions known last year to Russian media.

Ovechkin was questioned yesterday by ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun, regarding his intent for the 2018 Olympics. Ovechkin’s response stole most of the headlines from yesterday’s media day, held for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey.

It will be interesting to see if Ovechkin’s comments have an impact on the NHL’s decision to ban the Olympics, and whether or not other players will follow Ovechkin’s lead.

The 2018 Winter Olympics would require a break in the NHL season of nearly a month.

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