A Trip Through the Airport with Alex Ovechkin

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opinion This never ceases to amaze me, and in fact always leaves me feeling a little sad for our great Captain. To set the scene, Alex Ovechkin had to travel from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, Russia on Tuesday. The trip included a seemingly hassle-free one-hour flight. 

I was skimming Instagram the other day, and came across a ton of photos of Ovechkin with fans in the Moscow airport. Mind you, these are just the photos posted to the aforementioned social media platform. There is no telling how many other photos he kindly stopped for. I know Ovi does what he can for fans, but even this was eye-opening. The photos are essentially in chronological order (notice the waning smile). I can say this much, he certainly has more patience than I ever will.







I know we as a society expect a lot from our sports heroes. It’s human nature. And yes, they get paid plenty of money, and I suppose that includes the embracing of the so-called “public eye”.  I guess we just need to take an empathetic perspective from time to time, and realize there is always another side to the coin.

By Jon Sorensen


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Jon has been a Caps fan since day one, attending his first game at the Capital Centre in 1974. His passion for the Caps has grown over the decades, which has included time as a season ticket holder, social media and community organizer, and most recently led to the founding of NoVa Caps in 2014. Jon earned a Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineering at Old Dominion University, and is a Systems Engineer during intermissions, which has been instrumental in supporting his Capitals habit.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sure he can do it in Russia but my 8 yr old waits outside Kettler for an hour and he walks by and says no to everything.

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