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In an interview conducted and published by, Nicklas Backstrom discusses his first national tournament since the doping scandal in the 2014 Sochi olympics, his childhood in Valbo, fatherhood and more. (Article traslation).

Nicklas Backstrom sat down with writers from for an  in-depth interview, covering a wide array of topics. The original article can be found here.

Article translation
Just half a stone’s throw from the ice rink entrance, straight over Fritidsvägen, located Sofiedal School – the place that largely shaped Backstrom who he is.

– I went to school here. I have been in the bath. The soccer field. I’ve done just about everything here. It was down here I was, he says, pointing down towards ispisten which is deserted and waiting for water and cooling.

The place is verging on engraved in Nicklas Backstrom’s DNA.

– It is very special for me to get to come here. It still is. To come here in the summer is important to me.

Stefan Fougman doing his sixteenth year as a sports teacher at Sofiedal School.


He was part of Nicklas Backstrom’s everyday during school time.

– Nicklas was good in every way. He was curious. What I remember was still humility. It stands out even today. He did what he could. You did not tell him anything.

Despite the desire to blend in and be part of the context stack Backstrom still out in their own way.

Sports teacher remember one particular episode in the context of a lesson in hockey.

– The usual was that the students brought their own clubs. At the time, our very bad. The swaying incredible amount of stems. However, Nicklas, he went around with that swaying the club. I asked: “Why have not you your own club?”

The answer came quickly:

– “No, I want to feel this with your wrists. I get training for this.” It felt as if there was a mindset which even then that was a little longer just now. He did not have the super-hot club but could do things anyway, says Fougman.

Nicklas Backstrom:

– I liked to play with the ball. I can see now, that is what I have the most advantage of the day also. I have good hands and have control. It is from this time.

But Backstrom was far from the given star.

– There was at least one guy who I thought was sharper in the same age. There were several guys who were as good or better than. It was probably the first year after he förvann from here as it took off. When he stepped into Brynäs says Fougman.

The will and drive to refine took Backstrom from Valbo, Gävle and brown, and then to Washington.

Why has Backstrom gone so far as you see it?

– When you talk about talent you probably think of those who have much free. In Nicklas’ case, it is probably a lot about wanting to work out. Look Solutions, curiosity and look forward all the time. A burning desire to develop themselves. Do not have the background in elite sport, it becomes difficult, says Fougman.

May was his ninth straight NHL season in the US Capital – it was a heavy sortie after quarterfinal loss against Pittsburgh, 2-4 in matches.

Backstrom groans at having thrown back into memory.

– I think we were ready for the playoffs a little too early. We were basically waiting for the playoffs with 20 rounds remaining. Look at Pittsburgh, for example, they had the war all the way and found the shape of the end. It lasted all the way.

Life as a hockey player sweeps by in lightning speed.

It’s about the next change, the next game, the next season. It requires an ability to move forward and thoughts are already on the future.

– Right now it’s still hard to forget what happened in the Stanley Cup. At the same time I have to get over it quickly. There is a World Cup and I have to focus on building me up from scratch again. It’s a carrot.


Nicklas Backstrom will don the Tre Kronor jersey for the first time since the Exodus and the doping affair at the Olympics in Sochi.

– It is incredibly important. I see it as a challenge … I have not played for the national team since the Sochi so it will be fun and inspiring.

Sweden is in a generation.

The brothers, Henrik and Daniel Sedin, 35, and Henrik Zetterberg, 35, will most likely his last major championship.

Nicklas Backstrom will have a greater role – and at the same time serve as a bridge between old and new.

How do you see a championship in Toronto and in Canada?

– It will be incredibly powerful. It’s hockey mecca. I think it’s great that they put it there. There are an incredible number of good teams and it feels open even if everyone talking favoritism.

But, before that championship are other great things on the agenda.

For the second time, just now in the days become Nicklas Backstrom father again.

– At the end of August is the time. It is going to be fun. There has been so much fun to follow the development of our daughter (Hailey) and to do it again … It will be fun because she gets a little sister … Or? Little brother …

Backstrom silent, but quickly adds:

– A small siblings.

You know it will be a sister then?

– (Laughter) Yes. A little sibling becomes. However, it will be a boy or a girl I do not know.

However, there is no doubt that Backstrom will thrive in fatherhood.

– It’s so amazingly beautiful. To come home from training or match and be able to drop it there. And relax. She does not know what happens on the ice, and it’s nice to do something other than sit and read on hockey websites.

Backstrom will turn 29 in November.

How do you plan for career, it becomes Gavle then?

– It is impossible to answer. In the summer we are in Sweden, while we have Washington and really enjoy being there. We’ll see. But, probably, we will move back to Sweden. But we have a good time over there and we’ll see when we get older how it goes.

However, Backstrom hymlar not that the tanks are still there.

– I think Valbo and this area has been so incredibly good conditions. In Washington train children in nioårs age at eleven at night, then they should up the day after school. Here in Valbo, you can go down on the lunch and drive freeriding and be home in sensible time. I think it’s really important. The conditions of the school and everything.

It’s still about the big contrasts.

What do you say about the relationship, Valbo VS Washington?

– You cannot compare. Valbo is such a small village that is not possible.However, it is charming. This is where I grew up. It was really weird when I moved to Washington. When I was here in Valbo and was accustomed to this. I still feel that I suited me fine.

No matter – Valbo is and will always be an important part of Backstrom through his own school scholarship awarded to two prominent sports students at Sofiedal School.

By buying Arena jellyfish he wants to give back to the place that gave him the chance.

– I want everyone who goes here at the school, playing hockey or what to do, to have the same opportunities that I had. I want to help in the best way. It can be something small. As a scholarship or ice rink. It feels like something I always want to do.

Suddenly Nicklas Backstrom squirming.

– I have to return a rental car. It is already two hours late, so I have to probably go now.

Interview time is up.

We take shake hands, and are separated.


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