Nicky and Burkie Staying Strong in the Off-Season

Photo: Andreas Ohgren | Under Armor has found it’s way from Baltimore to Sweden!

While Mojo enjoyed watching Sweden in the European Championship in Paris, Nicky and Burkie are back in business and focusing on their offseason workouts with Swedish Trainer, Andreas Öhgren.We’ve previously seen Nicky working out with his personal trainer, Andreas Öhgren in Nicky’s hometown of Valbo, Sweden. Andreas usually works with his clients in Stockholm during the summer months, but he recently headed north (about a 2 hour drive) to spend some time with Nicky. The two trained together and enjoyed some down time chillin’ and grillin’, about a week ago.

Andreas has been training with Nicky since last summer when he helped Nicky rehabilitate his hip, after surgery. Several months ago, Andreas visited DC and enjoyed a meal at Restaurant Nora with Nicky, Burkie and John Carlson.

Last week Nicky and Burkie had a workout together with Andreas and some other athletes in Stockholm. Nicky and Burkie were seen doing partner exercises on Andreas’ snapchat. They were doing everything from puck control, playing soccer to boxing and it was great to see our two of our trio of Swedes together again.

Andreas Öhgren is a very popular personal trainer in Sweden and he has a lot of professional athletes as clients. He usually hangs out at Nordic Wellness on Odenplan in Stockholm, but he also travels a lot to meet his clients wherever they are. He travels a lot more during the winter season as he helps a lot of professional hockey players in North America and likes to work with them in their hockey-season “hometowns”.

According to Andreas’ website: he wants to work with his clients to help them in:

  • preventing injuries,
  • rehabilitation,  and
  • providing the training for the best possible performance each client can achieve.

But he’s not only working with professional athletes, because he thinks it’s just as important to work with the “everyday person” who needs help to get through everyday things. People describe Andreas as an energetic person and when you read through his website you will see an overwhelming amount of kind words that his clients have said about him. I’m happy to know our Swedish Caps are in such good hands during the offseason.

By Sofie Bengsston, NoVa Caps Swedish Translator

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