NoVa Caps Podcast: Off-Season Chatter and the NHL Rolls the Dice in Vegas

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With the NHL’s Free Agency period beginning on July 1st, the NoVa Caps Podcast Team continue their conversations from our last podcast regarding those Capitals who are either restricted and or unrestricted free agency players [UFA: Mike Weber, Mike Richards and Jason Chimera and RFA: Tom Wilson, Michael Latta, Dmitry Orlov and Marcus Johannson] and decisions that GMBM will soon be making.

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In this episode, recorded on Wednesday, June 15th, Gabe, George, Scott and Craig discuss the Capitals’ free agents, the upcoming draft (June 24th-25th) and those players who are probable top picks, as well as the recent news of the NHL expansion into Vegas and much more!

Given the recent news of the NHL’s expansion into Las Vegas, there is a new “twist” to things being discussed in the front offices of the Washington Capitals. Preparing for the expansion draft (summer 2017) and “protecting” players from being drafted into the new Vegas team is an additional layer of complexity that GMBM is going to need to factor into his current decision making plans. Several of our key players are already protected given their current contracts: Holtby, Ovechkin, Backstrom and Niskanen. In the podcast, the guys further discuss the details of the expansion draft. There are many extremely specific rules as it relates to the execution of the expansion draft and you can read more about those details in our “Cap’s Guide to the Expansion Draft”, by clicking here.

We will continue these conversations in our next podcast which will be recorded on Wednesday, July 6th – by this time, the Draft will be completed and we’ll be into the Free Agency period. We are certain that there will be lots to chat about!

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Get comfortable, sit back and relax and enjoy the conversation. #IsItOctoberYet?

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