NoVa Caps Podcast: ‘Tis the Season for Decision Making!

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The Capitals began their off-season with their fairly recent round two elimination by the Pittsburgh Penguins. We’ve been seeing some of the Caps play for their native countries, enjoying some down time – the Oshie’s and the Alzner’s enjoyed Disney World together and just yesterday, we caught a glimpse of the spectacular engagement ring that Ovi gave to his fiance! Turning our focus to the front office of the Caps, it’s not at all resembling downtime and or vacation. GMBM and his team are in the midst of their busy season and they have a number of decisions to make.

You’ll want to tune in to hear the NoVa Caps Podcast team share their thoughts on conversations that Brian is likely having with his team. The NoVa Caps Podcast team discuss the decisions that need to be made on both our UFA (Unrestricted Free Agents) Mike Weber, Mike Richards and Jason Chimera and our RFA (Restricted Free Agents) Tom Wilson, Michael Latta, Dmitry Orlov and Marcus Johannson. [Refer to NoVa Caps Hockey 101: Free Agency.]


Marcus Johansson – Restricted Free Agent – Arbitration Eligible – Current Salary: $3.75M

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In this episode, recorded on Wednesday, June 1st, Gabe, George, Scott and Craig discuss the Capitals’ free agents and the upcoming draft (June 24th-25th). Not only do they look at the current year decisions that must be made, they chat about other contract changes that we may see this summer – Kuzy (RFA next summer) and Oshie (UFA next summer) specifically come to mind, and what the future holds in terms of future contract expirations for several of the Capitals’ players.

The guys chat a bit about our aging 1st offensive line with Ovi (30 years old) Backstrom (28 years old) and Oshie (29 years old). There is also Jason Chimera (37 years old), Justin Williams (34 years old), Jay Beagle (30 years old), Daniel Winnik (31 years old), and others who are reaching 30 and or older. There is good news in that we’ve got some very talented players coming up through our affiliation with The Hershey Bears, and we’ve currently got a 26th first round draft pick, and if we keep that pick, we’ve got some super talented players to choose from.

This conversation will continue in our next podcast which will be recorded on Wednesday, June 15th. If you have questions for the podcast team – specifically as it relates to free agency, contract extensions and or the upcoming draft, please send them to us at

The NoVa Caps PodCast team welcomes general feedback and suggestions from our listeners – so, please feel free to send us an email to with your thoughts, comments and or ideas for segments in upcoming recordings.

Get comfortable, sit back and relax and enjoy the conversation. Let’s Go Caps & Let’s Go Bears – And Let’s Go Sharks!

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  1. Craig Luecke says:

    Scott knows his stuff. Think we all were in awe of his knowledge.

  2. Hey a pic of Kuzy, where was he during the playoffs, I don’t remember seeing him…….

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