Latest Milbury Blunder – Overboard? or just a Bad Joke?


Our pal Mike Milbury was up to his old antics on Tuesday night during the second intermission of the Blues-Sharks Western Conference Final. 

The question, is this the final straw for Milbury, who has had numerous blunders in the past, or just another unfortunate choice of words?

“This is so unsatisfying for me as a former coach to watch a player with a slash that doesn’t really hurt him. If you’re going to slash him, crack a bone or something. If you’re going to hit somebody from behind, give him a slight concussion or whatever. I don’t mean that obviously too seriously, but just something!”.

The clip from last night:

Milbury seemed to hedge on his words at the end of the segment. The question remains, was this one of Milbury’s worst blunders, or a good point, made with a poor choice of words?

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