NoVa Caps Podcast: Raw & Unscripted – the Morning After

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It’s been a dark and dreary day in the DMV, a somber kind of a day that matches most of our moods. It certainly feels as though we lost the series last night, when Hornqvist scored the winning goal for the Pens in overtime to bring the series to 3-1 in Pittsburgh’s favor.

You’ll want to tune in to hear the NoVa Caps Podcast team share their raw and unscripted thoughts and feelings about the series to date and whether or not they believe the Caps can turn things around heading into Saturday night’s game five.

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In this episode, recorded on Thursday, May 5th, Gabe, George, Scott and Craig discuss the current series against the Pittsburgh Penguins which currently stands at 3-1 with the Pens leading. You may be very surprised to hear that the guys didn’t get into discussing the officiating, the NHL/DoPS suspensions and the inconsistencies of their punishments, or PENBC and all of “that” nonsense.  The guys discussed the specifics of what’s not working for the Capitals, and there was a plethora to talk about.

And while it feels like the door was slammed shut last night, the series is not yet over. The Capitals came home to DC last night (actually very early in the morning) and they’ll head back out onto the ice for game five this Saturday night at the Verizon Center. George mentions that “they need to play like they have nothing to lose”, when they have everything to lose. Three wins in a row will be remarkable against the Pens, but it’s not an impossible feat – if there has ever been a team to come back and take three games one after the next, this is the team to do so – how many wins did they string together in the regular season, too many to count. Scott said, “They need the to play their game, one minute at a time, one shift at a time, one period at a time, one game at a time” – and they need to repeat that sequence three times in a row. (16)

Our captain, Alex Ovechkin, seconds after last night’s loss.

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Get comfortable, sit back and relax and enjoy the conversation. Let’s Go Caps!

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  1. Ray Rheault says:

    Everyone with half a brain knew that Weber is too slow to play the Pens. Total panic by Weber.

    However, Holtby did not distinguish himself last night either.

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