What Are Your Game Day Superstitions and Traditions?

A future Tom Wilson in the making! It’s all part of his Mom’s game day superstitions!

One down, three more wins to go! Most of us are preparing for game two tonight at the Verizon Center. So, what does “preparing” mean to you? Through the interwebs we’ve sensed a much higher anxiety level lately (as it relates to game days), so just how do you all prepare for Caps games, especially during the playoffs? NoVa Caps wants to know! We’ve noticed that many fans are superstitious! If you have game day traditions or rituals, we want to hear about them! And we hope that each of you repeat what ever it was that you were doing on Thursday – again today!

NoVa Caps newest writer, Jessica Hall spent some time interacting with NoVa Caps followers on social media to get a feel for some of their superstitions and we wanted to share those with you as we prepare for tonight’s game two against the Pens!

We’ll begin with what goes on at Jess’ house where it’s not just the humans who wear Caps’ jerseys on game night. The dogs join in, too. They’ve gotten so used to the game day tradition that by early November, they’re lining up as soon as Jess calls, “Jersey time!”

Even on those rare occasions when Jess and her family have started watching a game before suiting up the pups in their jerseys, Jess lets them go “naked” – only until the Caps go down a point, and then they get dressed immediately and are given a quick reminder: “Get your heads in the game!”

benjamin hall.jpg
Benjamin Hall, all suited up for the Capitals game! His head is in the game!

When the Hall family travels out of town during hockey season, Jess jokes about asking their pet sitter to put the pup’s jerseys on. She’s only half kidding. In fact, they may need to switch to Daniel Winnick’s pet sitting service so that their sitters fully understand the importance of suiting up to ensure a Caps victory!


Earlier in the week on Facebook, NoVa Caps featured a picture from Twitter user @infamous_2056, where at a local firehouse, a lone Kuznetsov action figure stands guard next to a bottle of Jergens, and the Caps win. And then, when someone moved Kuzy, the Caps lose — so there is now a strict new policy at the firehouse – Kuzy is NOT to be moved! It’s time to lock him down with some Krazy Kuzy Glue?! This post ended up going viral! You all can breathe a little bit easier, we’ve just checked with @infamous_2056 and Kuzy is right there next to the lotion! Kuzy will not be moved.

Since then, we’ve scoured the Internet to learn about your traditions and superstitions. Here’s what we found:

Twitter user @holtbyfanclub tells us that her parents are the Caps’ good luck charms. They aren’t hockey fans, but the Caps have won every playoff game they’ve watched with their daughter. Now, they’re duty-bound to witness the rest of the race for the Cup.

Steve gave us his theory on the Caps sordid playoff history. He’s concerned that when the team won its first away game in 1975, they paraded around with a garbage can held high in imitation of the Stanley Cup. Assuming the Hockey Gods aren’t fans of false idols, and assuming that a trash receptacle is one of the lowest forms a false idol could take, their previous bad luck in the playoffs could be a lingering result of their poorly executed celly.

Jess Article April 27 Image No. 5
Let’s just forget that ever happened!

But @UFsMostWanted thinks pizza rolls may be key in breaking this bad luck cup streak. He says, “I know this is super weird, but the Caps have won every playoff game I’ve sat all the way through while eating pizza rolls.” – So, here’s to eating a whole bunch of pizza rolls @UFsMostWanted!

Totinos Pizza Rolls

Pizza rolls FTW. Literally.

It’s not weird if it works, right? We’ve asked @UFsMostWanted to switch shifts so that his pizza roll consumption can continue uninterrupted as we battle the Penguins!

@UFsMostWanted isn’t the only fan with an edible superstition. John patronizes the Verizon Center Dunkin Donuts to show his support for the Caps:

johnnye1 loves coffee and the Caps

From coffee cups to the Stanley Cup!

At least John gets to attend the playoffs. For some fans, superstitions keep them far away from the ice during the quest for the Cup. Rob, tells us:  ChasingShinyObj Tweet regarding Caps Superstitions

Thanks, Rob. The Caps appreciate your support – from afar!

Brad from Facebook discovered that the Caps won when he listed to the first two periods on the radio and watched the third on television, but if he tried to watch the whole game on TV, they lost. He says, “I don’t think I have anything to do with the outcome. I think it just makes me feel like I’m a part of the effort.” It’s all worth it for the Cup!

Thanks to her superstitions, Michelle doesn’t have to worry about what to wear on game day. She says that since we lost two games against the Flyers when she wasn’t wearing her Caps gear and we won four when she was, she’ll be rocking the red for the rest of the playoffs.

Kelly from Facebook adds, “My superstition for the year’s playoffs was no superstitions…that’s gone right out the window. The “I Like My Men on Ice” t-shirt will be worn again since it worked to win game 6.”

Nicole says she and her daughter also let their Caps superstitions into their closets. When the Caps play, she has to be wearing her Holtby t-shirt and her daughter rocks the red in a Laich shirt, both with navy blue shorts. Their Backstrom gnome watches from the TV stand for added good luck.

Jenn has gotten her five-month-old son into the action. He wears Wilson gear and crocheted skates for every game. The best part of parenting might just be getting to turn your little one into an adorable lucky charm for the good guys.

Jess Article April 27 Image No. 3
We can’t lose with this tiny Wilson fan on our team.

When clothes are involved, some Caps fans like Kristal even let what happens on the ice influence what happens in the wash. If they lose, she washes her jersey. But when things start going south – either because the Caps are losing or their opponents score – she changes seats. Anything to avoid laundry day!

Seating arrangements also matter at Kenny’s house, where they reserve a special spot on the sofa as the “coach’s chair.” If the Caps are winning, you get to keep your seat, but if the other team scores, it’s time to pass the baton to a new “coach.” On terrible nights when everyone lacks mojo, the spot is left empty.

Talk about being in the hot seat!

We’re sure these aren’t the only hockey superstitions swirling around in DC! Tell us how you’re helping to bring home the Cup in the comments here, on Facebook or on Twitter @NoVa_Caps. Let’s Go Caps – It’s Game Day!

By Jessica Hall

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  1. rblevins2015 says:

    We’re season ticket holders. When we come out of the entrance tunnel to get to our seats we always turn left to go up the stairs. If they do well during the period we turn left again to go up the stairs. If they have a bad period we turn right. I’ve never really noticed a positive correlation but we still do it.

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